What do I need to do about this?


So this is a bit of an awkward incident. i was shopping for a dress one day, and I was trying a few on, and I came across this one ridiculously tight dress. I tried it on to see how it fit, and it was so tight I heard it rip or at least strain against the stitches. I am not sure if it did, though.

I was taking it off, and as I put it back I noticed there was a small rip in the stitching on the hem of the dress. It is possible that I caused it, and it is possible that it was already there. You see, if I put on the dress over my head, I probably caused it. If, on the other hand, I stepped into the dress, there is no way I could have caused it. I don’t remember what happened. It is possible I am responsible for the destruction of this store’s property, and it is possible I am not.

I ended up buying a different dress, and I just put that one back. I’m not sure what level of responsibility I have for this garment. Do I need to pay for it? Or should I let it slide, given that I may not be responsible for any real damage? Do I need to confess the fact that I just put it back and walked away? I was shopping with somebody else (non-religious) and I didn’t want to look crazy-paranoid-scrupulous…but, I don’t know…


It’s not a mortal sin, even if you tore the dress it was still by accident.

You would have heard it rip so maybe it was already ripped.


When in doubt about a store’s policy, I usually just ask. If you had brought it to the clerk’s attention, she could have let you know. I think most stores would tell you not to worry, because their prices cover losses such as damage, shop-lifting, etc.
But the time for that is past. You could shop there a couple more times, to make up for any loss they may have incurred. Or you could just tell the manager that you might have made a small rip in a dress last time, but you’re not sure. That really gives the manager no choice but to tell you to forget it, since the dress is not available to check it.
I think I would just shop there a couple more times, in case you’re in the market for clothes,


I doubt it would be a sin,but I think you had a moral obligation to either tell the store assistant or buy it, you could perhaps have been obliged to buy it ,simply because if when putting it on,you should have realised it would not fit,and then damaged something that someone else ( store owner ) paid for, so I guess it’s a form of stealing even though you didn’t take it from the store,


You’re fine!

If it were me, I would know I have many more, exceedingly more significant personal sins that I should be far more worried about and to take actions to correct,

Peace and all good!


You were not responsible at any time to pay for it, but you should have brought it to the attention of the store clerk so that they could either repair or discard the garment so that another customer would not buy it thinking it was fine.

Is there any chance you could find the damaged dress and hand it over to the store staff?

Either way, if the stitching was only damaged at the hem, I would not worry too much because that is not too visible and is easily repaired.


I did mention it to the store clerk as I was buying the other dress, and she just kind of laughed at me a little bit. I think she wasn’t sure what to do, especially since I was already in the process of buying the one dress.


If you already talked to the clerk about it, there is nothing more that you can do. If you’re still feeling bad about it bring it up in confession, telling the priest that you don’t know if it’s a sin since you told the clerk about it.


I think mentioning it to the clerk was the right thing to do.
I have often been in similar situations (e.g. also one time for example causing a scratch at an elevator door or something like that); and every time I was honest about it I was told I needed not worry… not one time did somebody ask me to pay for it.

I think it is a matter of honesty, politeness and care for others to not just put damaged things back, for example also fruit that falls down in a grocery store and gets bruised… I think it would be better to mention it to somebody in the store. So far when I ahve done that I ahve not been told that I needed to pay for anything, as far as I remember.

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