What do I say to husband who is pressuring me to use birthcontrol?

Hello and thank you for your time. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We were both raised Catholic but neither of our families prayed together and were in many ways nearly equally influenced by society. We have three children. My husband says he is old and tired. We are not yet 40. He says he wants to raise our children Catholic but I am the one who is the spiritual leader in the home although I wish it were he. We did not fully practice our religion before we were married and he did express to me before our marriage that he wanted 2 children. I should have seen the situation for what it was prior to getting married but here we are regardless. I have been seeking to follow our faith more fully throughout our entire marriage but have not seen any spiritual growth from my husband. He is a good, loving man but I wish he would actively seek to educate himself and live out our faith. He knows how I feel. I have brought up the subject many times but now he is even pressuring me to use birth control. I calmly told him that I refuse. He is not able to get a vasectomy because of a prior surgery that makes vasectomy contraindicated. I would be happy to have another child but am just as content to not go through pregnancy and childbirth again. He wants no part of NFP (well, maybe if I did it without support or partnership from him) Please offer your advise. Thanks!

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