what do I say

There are some sisters from a different parish.
I would like to call and find out some information about their order and about counselling.
How do I start the conversation?

“Hi I would like to find out more about your order and about your counseling.”

That’s it!

In our Internet age many times you can find a “contact” tab on the sister’s web-site. If you are shy this would be a way o get the information you need without making a phone call. If you ar asking because you are shy about making the contact, then vjnycguy has a good opening line. God bless you.


Both the previous posters had great ideas,

Call or email or even write a short note or you could even attend Mass and perhaps strike up a conversation.

( When I was much younger and wanted to convert I actually went to the convent and rang the doorbell and asked to visit with one of the sisters …this was before internet)

At any rater choose whichever method works for you and go for it!!! (let us know how it goes :slight_smile: )


Sr Debbie OSC

Thank you for the advice and I’ll keep you posted.

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