What do I say?


I have been in a conversation with someone about the whole mortal sin (abortion) and eucharist issue and this is basicly what they say:

Probably few religious conservatives, Catholic or not, realize that the pope gave Communion to the mayor of Rome, Francesco Rutelli, in January 2001 despite the fact the mayor led the battle for legalized abortion in Italy. John Allen, a reporter, writes Rutelli ‘‘took the classic position of left-leaning Catholics in public life: personally opposed to abortion but not willing to impose his stance through law.’’

How does this work in Italy and not in the United States?


Context is important here.

It could be that no one expected the mayor to take communion, and the Pope thought it imprudent to deny him without having warned him against it first.


I’m not sure what influence the Mayor of Rome has in actually making public opinion compared to the President of the United States. However, I believe the Pope should practice what he preaches. I would have loved to see him refuse give communion to him.


I believe that the offender needs to be personally warned not to present, but I am not sure of that. It would be imprudent and uncharitable for the Pope, or any other consecrated to deny someone the Host without telling them they would be denied.


I have to agree with APOLOGIA, the preson should be informed by the bishop as to the reason for denying Communion. This will give the person a chance to correct their mistake and repent before being denied Communion .


do you know for an absolute fact the mayor did not go to confession immediately before receiving communion? are you in a position to know and judge the state of his soul at any given moment? are you the priest giving communion? if not, you simply have no reason to comment or judge.


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