What do Mormon Missionaries use for transportation?


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a change in how the Mormon Missionaries in my town get around.

For the longest time, they would either walk or ride bicycles.

And the girl missionaries, still do ride bicycles. But I have seen the guys get upgrades.

First is was a really nice car, I think it was a Saturn. Anyways, then one day they were riding on “crotch rockets,” like a pair of Kawasaki Ninjas or similar style motorcycle.

Ok, a car I can understand, but a cafe style motorcycle? Is this normal?


That’s weird. Haven’t seen that here.

Are you sure they were Mormon missionaries, and not the Geek Squad from Best Buy?:extrahappy:


In the '70’s AMC was tied to the Mormon church I believe…many missionairies had “Hornets” to drive as they received special “deals” from AMC. Perhaps Saturn is offering similar deals to missionaries?


Around here it is still bicycles. Just saw the strangest sight though–Mormon missionary boys on bicycles in Colonial Williamsburg!! I guess if some of the founding fathers were freemasons, the reinactors can be mormon! LOL


it depends on the specific assignment. some ride bikes, some walk. at least one set in each “zone” will have a car. never heard of motorcycles being used ore even allowed.


They use the transporter, just like everyone else :shrug:




Zone leaders are always men, so that “one set” will always be men. However, the one car per zone is not a hard and fast rule. If a pair of missionary needs a car to do their “work”, they’ll have one. This need is determined by the mission president, and the mission president has a lot of autonomy for running his assigned mission.

I suspect the boys on motorcycles were having a bit of unauthorized recreation.


Mormons On Motorcycles: MOM.:smiley:


So that explains how they just appear on our porches!~


I only saw that once. Now I could of course have been mistaken, but they looked like Mormons, and I remember that leaving an impression on me.

Not enough of an impression that I wanted to be mormon so I could maybe get a sweet ride, perhaps a different impression.


Ok, I wonder if anyone has ever gotten their friendly neighborhood Mormon misssionaries involved in any activities that actually pulled them away from their “work.”

Like, one of my buddies kept taking this pair of missionaries out to work out at the gym. I don’t know what became of that.

Then there’s the 2 missionary girls here, I would have like to have dated one of them…but her friend would probably have to tag along, man what was I thinking?? I should have totally hooked up with her!!


You youngin’s have apparently forgotten the fine art of double dating.


We have forgotten just about every fine art.


I had seen them using public transportation in my area.


When I was on my mission, I used to drive around on my Zmobile. I could get more work done that way. :smiley:



What kind of work did you have to do while driving around?


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