What do Mormons believe?

I have read many things about Mormons, and most of it seems pretty consistent, so I think I am getting correct information. But for both LDS and former LDS, what were you taught that Mormons believe? I do not want incorrect information about a different faith than my own. Thanks.

You are asking a pretty broad question. Former LDS here, for full disclosure

They dont believe in the Trinity. They believe the father son and holy spirit are 3 distinct and separate beings

They believe at the death of the last apostle, a “great apostasy” happened and God withdrew His church and authority

They believe that Joseph Smith had a vision (there are many versions of this vision) and that he was “called” to restore Christ’s church after this so called “great apostasy”

They believe that God the Father is an exaulted man, that he and his wife(s) (an exualted woman) are the parents of all of their spirit children. That would include all human beings who have ever been on this earth, including Jesus (pre-mortal Jehovah) who was the first born of all of these spirit children. Satan, also known as Lucifer, is also one of their spiritul children, making Satan a brother not only to Christ, but to you, me and all others,

They believe (as per the temple ceremony) that Adam is Michael the Archangel.

(how much more to you want us to deliniate?)

Well, I’d already have read all of that. (Thank you though). Did you ever get a temple recommend or know anyone who did? I heard there are similarities between Mormon temple ceremonies and Freemasons. How much truth is that? So, what is the deal about Kolob and spirit children? And about becoming gods? Thanks, God bless.

Yes, there is alot of free masonry involved in the mormon temple ceremonies.

They also believe that God resides on the planet closest to the star Kolob.

You won’t get many answers to the whole spirit children thing, but many mormons were taught that they had to make it to the celestial kingdom (their highest level of heaven), where they would become a god of their own planet, and their wife/wives would produce “spirit children” to populate it.

Just do a search on these topics here at CAF, and I’m sure you will find a whole bunch of threads about it.

If you search just the word “Kolob”, you will find a little over 6 pages of threads that contain that word.

Yeah, I have found a good bit, and I have full faith in the people who tell me what Mormons believe. My experience with Mormons was mainly when I lived in Kewanee, Illinois. I do know about the three different heavens, but who goes to the “outer darkness”? What is the deal about the “veil of forgetfulness”? With regards to exaltation, who was God the father’s god? They used to visit my house and when I was very young (my dad died when I was nine), my father was Lutheran and they stopped talking to him about religion after a while. They just started coming to visit. We actually had copies of the book of Mormon, but I think it was more an intellectual curiosity for my father than anything else (he was not convinced, he actually wanted to become Catholic, as far as I know, he never had the chance). I remember, the Mormon missionaries were very kind. (One stole my bicycle!, okay, I was little, he was just playing with us). Any, my experience with Mormons has been pretty limited since then. Jehovah’s witnesses on the other hand seem to be everywhere in this part of the country (American Southeast).

I had a temple recommend, was endowed, and participated in or witnessed all temple ordinances.

Yes, there are some similarities between Freemasonry and the temple Endowment ordinance, though I think the similarity is often overblown by some critics (and it should be noted that the Endowment has undergone changes throughout LDS history, where certain parts that used to be done are no longer done, some of which had more clear Masonic origins than others). Today, I’d say that the most obvious Freemasonry found in the Endowment can be seen in the use of signs and tokens. Other parts come from the Bible and Mormon-unique scriptures, involving things like Creation and the Fall. You will find many opinions on this amongst Mormons. When I went for my temple recommend interview, my stake president told me that the Endowment contains elements from many places, including the scriptures, Masonic elements (yes he directly said that), etc. Some will say that Masonry is a corruption of the true Endowment that was lost. Others will say that Joseph Smith and others borrowed elements of Masonry to explain true concepts. Today, many LDS perhaps aren’t even aware of the connection.

LDS believe that the Father resides on a planet or star near the star Kolob. LDS believe that we are all spirit children of God the Father and His spouse, Heavenly Mother. They also believe that if we endure to the end (receiving all the necessary LDS-performed ordinances, and follow the commandments), we can be “exalted”, which can include having spirit children ourselves.

^^^^This is all accurate

I, too, held a recommend, had gone thru the temple and taken out my endowments. Pre-1990 change in the ceremony, too. So I saw the change in the ceremony that took place including the removal of the acting out of the penalties.

Alright, thanks
May I ask why you left the LDS church?

I must say, I am curious about the penalties.

I no longer believed that it was a restoration of the original church of Jesus Christ.

Did you convert to it from another faith? If so, may I ask why? If not, how long were you LDS? I hope I am not asking too many questions, I am just curious.

There was a penalty assigned to each token (handshake) with the vow of having one’s life to be taken by the penalty if one were to reveal the token

One was having one’s throat slit. Another was to be disembowled, etc etc

Here is an accurate description


A quick google search would fill you in as much as you would like to research. It’s all out there on the internet

Thank you very much! I really appreciate y’all taking the time to answer my questions.

I was Catholic, converted, and then reverted back to Catholicism. I was LDS for around 3 years (within that time frame, I was endowed, participated in/witnessed all temple ordinances, visited many temples, and served as ward missionary, elders quorum presidency assistant secretary, and elders quorum president). I converted to Mormonism because I was attracted to their beliefs about restoring the original Church, having prophets, apostles, continuing revelation, etc, and really believed that God answered my prayers and confirmed to me that the LDS church is the true church.

I have heard they are good at evangelisation. Did you not know your faith very well, or were you just not convinced it was true? I am really sorry if I sound condescending, that is not my intention. I also heard that many people who become Mormon leave the LDS church, was that your experience during your time as a Mormon?

I knew it very well, at the time I was not convinced it was true (it is quite common for people of any religion to think that those that leave it really didn’t understand it, or want to sin, or something of that nature. not saying that you believe that, just that I find such a sentiment expressed by believers of many religions, including both Catholicism and Mormonism). LDS claims on certain things, like apostles and prophets, made more sense to me. I sought out the missionaries, not the other way around.

During my time as LDS, I saw a few people become “inactive”, including a few newer converts than myself. As elders quorum president, I was also aware of a large number of inactive members that were technically part of the congregation. We would try to reach out to them to see how they’re doing. Very few responded. One guy I know eventually came to church, became active again and maybe a year later is now happily married and still active.

Many BIC (born in the covenant) Mormons are leaving the LDS church as the history becomes clear and the whitewashing is not holding up.

Also, science has been able to demonstrate the Book of Mormon as well as the Book of Abraham cannot be what the LDS church has claimed about them.

I was very well versed in Mormonism. Lived in the heart of it at BYU, had access to some of the GA’s by living in that community. . Lived it, breathed it, taught it.

It’s doctrines are basically a house of cards and that has become very clear to many of them.

It’s taking a toll as resignations are significantly up.

I’ve been a Buddhist (before I was Catholic). I am really convinced that Catholicism is true. I feel like Mormonism doesn’t really have continuity that the Catholic Church haves. I mean total apostasy theory calls Christ a liar. I am not trying to sound harsh to Mormons, there are many things we can learn from their witness with regards to moral living, but I just don’t really understand why someone would be convinced that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I have read a little bit of the Book of Mormon (I mean like VERY little), and the one thing that got me is the KJV style English. Why in the world would God’s prophet, appointed to restore his true Church, write early modern style of the KJV Bible? Again, I can understand doubting your own religion, but I feel like there are so many flaws in Mormonism. (Which, I imagine is why you are no longer Mormon)

Why do Mormons Re-Baptized people who “Apostatize”? and come back, I think I’d feel very uncomfy about that

Adam, here is a good website about the searching of facts and truth when it comes to Mormonism


Just in the past few days, the owner was excommunicated, but the whole point of site was to help and give Mormons who had doubts and had questions, a place to find answers to those doubts and questions, as their leaders were not there for them will intelligent and reasoned answers to their sincere questions.

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