What do Protestant Denomination


Does anyone know of web site or maybe a book that I can find a break down of what major Protestant Denomination believe ? Especially their doctrines .:shrug:


Good luck! When I couldn’t find one, I became Catholic! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe this will help.


The author lists “catholic” as a denomination which of course it isn’t. At least we know that the author is not a theologian.



Sorry, I should have mentioned that I haven’t read this book. I just searched “protestant denominations” in Amazon.com and came up with this. I can’t recommend it, this is just to give the OP a starting point.


You should be able to request a “Statement of Faith” or “Doctrinal Statement” from any Protestant church. I realize this is a lot more time-consuming than reading one book, but it will give you extremely accurate information about any church you are wondering about.

All you have to tell them is that you’re trying to learn more about different denominations. Be prepared for them to try to convince you that their denomination is correct! You might even get a few dinner invitations! Frankly, I would tell them that the Statement of Faith will be sufficient.


Check out “Meads Handbook of Denominations.”


Cannot speak for them all but as for my particular denomination:

Articles Of Religion


Here’s a Comparison of Christian Denominations’ Beliefs
chart. You can also click on links within the chart to specific websites for more information on particular denominations. It’s by no means comprehensive, but should give you a good start. :smiley:



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