What do Protestant really believe about the Catholic Church?


Exactly and my point is, these people are too busy worshipping God their way to worry or have time to protest against Catholics. Those that are protesting are mostly catholics themselves and laity and non religious due to the Historic Sex Abuse here, but that cuts across all religions here as the Royal Commission discovered.


and we have gone over the fact that the Catholic Church of the Latin Rite , the Roman Catholic Church commemorated the 500 Anniversary with the Lutherans this past year.

Our separated brethren


Exactly. Properly understood, Protestant refers to the participants in the formal protest at the Second Diet at Speyer, not the RC Church.
It was not s protest against the Church or doctrine.

The Church was very influential, hence the willingness of civil authorities to do their bidding to reimpose the Edict of Worms.

And all those Baptized into His one True Church.

Yes he did. He rejected the faith, which neither the Orthodox nor so called Protestants have done.

Staying away from unity is a mutual sin, including the Bishop of Rome.


This part is exactly correct. Most Protestant Christians, regardless of their communion or denomination, view the Catholic church on the next corner as just another church.
While I am not going to comment on the abuse scandal, Catholics here have rightly participated in a protest against the government forcing church related organizations to provide contraceptives in health insurance they provide their employees (HHS Mandate). Lutherans and others joined them in that noble protest.


I am in Australia, I am speaking for Australia with the abuse scandal. Here it is the main contention against religion, any religion here, as it was across the board and included government organisations, religious and laity.

Catholics and other religious denominations here did a bit of protesting prior to that SSM survey or whatever they like to call it, last year. It was nice to see christians joining together to protest.


I recall when our then (late, now) rector was on good terms with the local diocesan RC bishop.

Ya got to be careful about them Anglicans, though. Overall, we’re a motley crew. Like a box of chocolates.


Some of them have nutty centres.


And there is no consensus, amongst the crew, which are those, and which are the squishy middles, inter alia.

Like, which are stale and past their shelf life; unfit for use.


So it IS Religious and about the Church?


Does the Catholic Church teach opposition to religious liberty? If so, where is it in the CCC?

Staying away from unity is a mutual sin, including the Bishop of Rome.

Crossing out truth doesn’t change it.

Are you aware of the fact that others, particularly communions who share a strong belief and practice in word and sacrament with the Roman type of Catholics, that same desire for unity?
Yes, I thank God everyday for the great recent popes such as John XXIII, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. It is a shame men of great caliber did not sit in that Holy See 500 years ago.


Popes from 500 years ago had a different set of challenges than do popes in the current era.


Yes, they did, and some were simply not up to the task. A few others were just corrupt.
That is not a knock on the Catholic Church or its members today, or even the laity then, anymore than the current scandal is.


Ours are on terrific terms , they even share meals. Their head sits with our clergy for carols and she is female. Granted her fine singers participate in the multi denomination carols in the Cathedral.


St. Pope Pius V sat in the Holy See starting in 1566, which is approximately 500 years ago.

While some of the other Popes around that era were clunkers, we also had several Popes who presided over the Council of Trent, Pope Sixtus V who fought corruption (though he levied lots of taxes), Pope Gregory XIII who gave us the Gregorian calendar, and Pope Julius II who supervised the rebuilding of St. Peter’s Basilica and commissioned the Sistine Chapel ceiling and other work by Michelangelo and Raphael. Although these men might not be venerated as saints and some of them may have had personal flaws, these are decent achievements.


Thanks for that. I am aware of many good and decent popes, good Christian men. I think it is possible to distinguish between them and the “clunkers”.


Even the popes who are considered “clunkers” today, had their triumphs and high points.

Alexander VI is considered a “bad pope” today; and its a fact that he fathered many children out of wedlock. Yet, his accomplishments included demarkation of the overseas territories of Spain and Portugal, helping to avoid war between these major powers, as well as returning law and order to the city of Rome, successfully taking a hard line against the criminal element in the Eternal City at the beginning of his reign.


Liberty doesn’t mean one can do whatever one wants with no consequences to one’s actions.


If I can give it, I have a requirement to give a response when the opportunity presents itself.

consider THIS response and link provided

I’ve often used Ez 3:17… as an example. Eg. HERE and in the context I explained why .

It fits with the article I linked to, from the NCRegister

sedition, schism. dissension, heresy, dividing into sects, are all condemned activities as are those who are in those sins.

I posted what the pope wrote 500 yrs ago. I thought he was extremely kind in his discourse to Luther.


Well, of course. For example, it is not religious liberty to kill someone because they practice religion differently, or human sacrifice.

Indeed, and both side share the blame.

Here is what Luther wrote to Pope Leo X.



When once those who go off the rails come back on the rails, there still is one side who is officially in charge.

And as I previously posted, and adding to it the issue of liberty,

liberty has limits which we both agree

AND once everyone catches their breath

Luther’s errors were calmly listed HERE
Why Luther was excommunicted HERE and it was done respectfully


Yes, you do. LOL. And it’s not just Hillsong Church–which would kind of be a low-brow, commercialized type of evangelicalism. Besides that, you have the full range of evangelical Protestantism that we have in the US.

You guys were a British colony, and evangelicalism is not just an American thing–its an Anglo-American thing. By the time the British colonized Australia, evangelicalism was firmly established within British Protestantism, including within the Anglican Church. The Anglican Diocese of Sydney is a good example of evangelicalism.

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