What do Protestant really believe about the Catholic Church?


Wannano, I definitely agree, and I thank you for the thought. Yet I think that the unity you describe, while real and wonderful, may perhaps fall short of what God really wants. I’ve even heard well meaning Christians justify divisive words and actions by pointing to this same rather ethereal unity and claiming that this sort of unity is all that is required. I guess I want more than the unity you describe. I’m glad we have at least that, yet I long for more. God bless you.


Thank you and I also agree that what we have may very well fall short of what God truly desires. I also long for more. Yet it cannot be accomplished if one says the other does not have the fulness of Truth when the Truth is our common Lord not our individual understanding or the conclusions of men.


Being on the receiving end of “whore of Babylon” and “you’re not really a Christian” puts a real damper on unity too…


Absolutely, I believe that. I hope I have not said that.


Even aside from Catholicism, remarks here on CAF are made by mainline non-Catholic Christians who marginalize all those of us who are not Sacrementally based as “Evangelicals” in a derogatory fashion, yet, some of them have the same word in their own denominational title, for instance, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada etc.


I take it that you have been in both camps. What do you see as “false walls” that keeps Catholics from seeing the positive elements of non-Catholic Christianity?


Yes, both camps, love both, revert Catholic. Ignorance and mistrust, I think, is a biggie that keeps Catholics from seeing the good in non-Catholic Christianity. Catholics don’t fellowship in non-denominational gatherings because of the harsh “you’re not really a Christian” stuff that begins as soon as you admit to being Catholic. So Catholics keep to themselves. In this isolation, many tend to think of all non-Catholic Christianity as one big united homogeneous “Protestant” church, just as Catholicism is one. Many Catholics have no clue how divided N-CCs are amongst themselves. Seeing the N-CC world as united (mistakenly), they will tend to mistrust it all due to the meanness or excesses of just one small part of N-CC. For other Catholics, N-CC seems like a puzzling free for all; the disunity there makes it seem very complicated and bewildering. So they mistrust it all. Thanks for the honest question.


Thanks, that actually gives me insight that I never realized. I think it is true though that at one time the Catholic Church did not allow Catholics to participate in N-CC services or am I incorrect?

So mistrust may be one of the biggest walls on the Catholic side of the fence. It seems like many Catholics on CAF love to point out how fractured the Non world is but perhaps they are more up to speed by being here!


It’s funny. On both sides we take the excesses of the other side and misrepresent it as their normal. But we suffer loss because of the disunity (we are weakened due to our lack of exposure to the strengths of the other side), and worst of all, so does the Christ-less world, due to our infighting.


So the big part of that is the lack of genuine love …the very thing Christ said would identify us to the world as his disciples.

My father passed away in September and one of the things I am struggling with appreciating is hearing Catholics here saying that when all Christians get to heaven, they will be Catholic. Some seem to say it with integrity and others seem to have gleeful contempt. I have no problem saying all Christians in heaven will be catholic for that is the Church I believe Jesus started. How would you suggest I should process this?


Maybe I’m being too charitable, but those Catholics who say such things to you are likely very happy as Catholics. Maybe what they really mean is, I wish your father to be as happy and at home in heaven as I am in my church. Maybe they are wishing their contentedness on you (sometimes nicely, sometimes harshly). We all like being right, and as such, probably claim it more often than is justified. In general, choose to believe the best of people. As one particular hero of mine (and yours) said when surrounded by humanity at its worst, Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.


Nobody has said it directly to me but it has appeared recently on a couple of threads. One also suggested that the first Eucharist is awaiting all those at the Gate. Is this a Catholic belief officially?


No. It is someone’s personal idea.


I don’t know, that’s a new thought to me, never heard that before. Regarding heaven though, it’s all about “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. There we shall have a complete fullness of unity with Christ, which the Eucharist (and accepting Jesus in your heart) is an experience of, but perhaps limited by our earthly constraints. As great as a Eucharistic experience can be here, as great as the best worship & praise driven “sense of Gods presence” can be here, I can’t help but to believe heaven will be like seeing in color after a lifetime of seeing only in black & white. BTW, so sorry to hear of your Dad. Me too, about 18 months ago. Miss him a lot.


He was ready and made that known …Even to the nurses, they loved and respected him for his testimony. He was 96 and looking forward to it.


Thanks, I am claiming that and running with it!


Q: Could I ask, your church is Catholic but your spiritual leader is not Catholic? What religion is your leader?


Their response suggests to me a major lack of formation .


I can see how you arrive at that but to be fair to him, he did go on to explain that he has been attending a Baptist type church and enjoying it.


Christian, Scott Morrison belongs to Hillsong Church. its a very large and very vibrant congregation, some really good singers come out of it,

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