What do Protestant really believe about the Catholic Church?


That goes to the point of formation. For a further explanation, using scripture, Deliberately Missing Mass on Sunday is a huge sin, for the following reasons


There’s the answer to your question about finding a Protestant community


Here’s who started them https://hillsong.com/leadership/


I am not willing to judge this poor fellow, all I know is that his countenance brightened when he realized he was talking to someone who understands and believes in his relationship with Jesus.


This still goes to formation. That’s why I gave the scriptural references to back up that point.

In extension to that point,

Jesus gave a massive qualifying statement in that the consequences for not obeying this is a HUGE point

Jesus is speaking of the Eucharist https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+6%3A53-58&version=RSVCE . And the consequences if one doesn’t obey? The Eucharist is in the Church He established. Of which there is to be no division from it. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+17%3A22-24&version=RSVCE .

That’s what I mean by his formation was lacking.


I grasp your understanding, however, from your standpoint would the lack of formation be a fault of the Church or only a lack of his own understanding.

Do you agree that whatever failed him in his Catholic experience, when he now truly repents and follows the Jesus he has come to know, that there was rejoicing in heaven?


They call themselves by a different name as a Church, and we must respect that. Protestant is not a universal term, like Catholicism.

What is Hillsong Church?

We are a Christian church that is a part of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC), a movement of over 1,000 churches and more than 250,000 believers across Australia. We are also connected to tens of thousands of other churches around the world. Hillsong Conference – one of the world’s largest annual Christian gatherings – is attended by people from every denomination including Salvation Army, Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, and Pentecostal. For the ACC’s full constitution, history, leadership and statement of belief, please visit www.acc.org.au

The primary function of Christian churches across the world – regardless of denomination – is to build people’s spiritual lives, and meet the fundamental needs of faith: discipleship, teaching, worship, missions and church planting. On top of these basic spiritual building blocks, Hillsong Church is committed to world class youth and children’s programs, ministries for all ages, pastorally supporting families and marriages, counselling services and hospital support, as well as general pastoral care to thousands within and beyond our church community. Hillsong Church also runs a successful Bible College with over 1500 students attending from all over the world who come to study. The income of the college is invested back into the costs of the college.



In the overall, i’d say it’'s not either/or but both. But in the particular, “ignorance” of what one should know and doesn’t, given today’s ease of gaining knowledge, then such ignorance falls on the individual. http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/1791.htm

:slightly_smiling_face: there is a qualification

When Peter talked about this very instance, Peter put knowledge / formation at the top of priorities of priorities, in things one is to ever increase on, as in education 2nd on the list, as in all those attributes, never stops increasing but knowledge is at the top of priorities of priorities…as in https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+pet+1%3A5-11&version=RSVCE, and in the Greek, “fall” = http://bibleapps.com/greek/4417.htm Ignorance isn’t presumed innocent. As in they are responsible…IF… http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/1791.htm


From “Thayer’s”
“b. to fall into misery, become wretched (often so in Greek writings): of the loss of salvation, 2 Peter 1:10”. as in http://bibleapps.com/greek/4417.htm


They aren’t Catholic, they are one of the 40,000 + different types of Protestant communities.


They do not call themselves Protestant. I have never met anyone in real life who does, in Australia.


And it’s a nonsensical term. It may have a very specific meaning historically and taking that into account will render it totally irrelevant today.

I also see there is a reference to the so called 40000 denomination. That should already put a HUGE questionmark on any validity!


How is it you aren’t picking up on their belief system just because they don’t "say" they are Protestant.?

According to Austrailian statistics, http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/mediareleasesbyReleaseDate/7E65A144540551D7CA258148000E2B85


|Anglican – 13.3%
|Uniting Church – 3.7%|
|Christian, (Not further defined)– 2.6%
|Presbyterian and Reformed – 2.8%|
|Baptist – 1.5%|
|Pentecostal – 1.1%|
Lutheran – 1.2%|
|Other Protestant – 0.5%||

Hillsong is one of the Protestant communities in the (other) category


Where did you get that heading Protestants from, its certainly not in that Census round up you just quoted.

you are gravely misrepresenting that census data. And should be quite ashamed you added a heading there in an attempt to prove a point.

What you have done is demonstrated what I said. Australians do not say I am a Protestant, they list their religion by name. i.e. Anglican, Uniting, Baptist, Pentecostal.
thanks for proving my point, i have never met a real life protestant.

And where are you getting that anyone who filled out their religion, and attends Hillsong, decided just to put other (protestant) in. Hillsong identifies as something else.


Do you not know that those groups listed are Protestant?



nope not on this page either.

There is no heading that says Protestant., so you are in error. You are falsifying a table of results to suit yourself. Get back to my point. I have never met anyone who calls themselves Protestant.

Someone who listed Anglican as their religion Considers themselves Anglican, for example.
I feel you are missing a few basic understandings here of how people identify their religion. In my Country.

I have no idea what they do in yours, but do not assume its the same here.


You have not read my post correctly either, I was not discussing my spiritual leader either. I was and missed a comma I fear, discussing my Prime Minister is deeply spiritual and is the leader of our country.


I’m curious how they explain Eucharistic Miracles, or other miracles like incorruptible saints, stigmatic saints, Marian Apparitions, etc.


The term “Protestant” only describes their relationship with Catholicism.

If they aren’t interested or the Catholic Church’s views or presence, the term “Protestant” is really obsolete. Protestants are “protesters” against Catholicism, that’s what the term means. If they are cooperating with, or ignoring Catholicism, the term in an anachronism.


These people who practice who class them selves as
Anglican for example, are not protesting against Catholicism. They have better things to do, go to Church, live their lives. :slight_smile: Here at least.


? :thinking: I guess so.

:thinking: interesting


Glad we got that sorted out, and I award you 10/10 for your creative use of the bold feature and the underline feature and the font size feature.

Well done! It was an interesting use of the edit box

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