What do the Jehovahs Witnesses believe in?

Yesterday, as I was at the bus stop awaiting my bus to go to my Dr. appointment, I was approached by a nice JW man who was handed me some copies of the Watchtower and Awake! This man was well-intentioned, but he is in the wrong religion.

Also, my ex-girlfriend was a former Catholic turned JW. I tried to re-convert her back to the true Church, but to no avail. This girl I love dearly, she is also a Website designer, and I and her have a great relationship, but I am a devout Catholic and a business man. I work hard (80 hours a week), on my business and I have been thinking to myself about something that I have understood about the JWs.

What exactly do the JWs believe in? I love my girlfriend dearly, but I don’t know if I should continue the relationship or not if she does not want to convert back to her Catholic faith, because I want to get married some day.

I threw away my copies of Awake! and I threw away my copies of the Watchtower. I read my Catholic Answers Bible, and I read my books that I have that are short fiction books. Iam self-employed, so I always have to come to the office at my apartment to get on the free computer which has a DSL connection.

I think that there are something that I have come to believe about JWs. I pray for the JWs everyday, because they are brainwashed. The JWs are a well-meaning group, but they proseletyze and they try to steal cradle Catholics away from the faith.

Who was the JW religion founded by? What are their doctrines and what exactly is it that they do believe? Why are their buildings blacked out? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Check out these tracts on the Catholic Answers website. They should answer most of your questions.


JL: I recommend the book, “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses”, 190 pages by Jason Evert a Catholic. Also “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses Subject by Subject” 240 pages there about by David A. Reed a Protestant. Don’t expect your girl friend to read any book on religion not published by the Watch Tower. It is forbiden she would be disfellowshiped if found reading them. Especially the one by David A Reed who is a former Jehovah’s Witness.

Semper Fi, the JWs are a another flavor of neo-Arianism, much like your other subject of keen curiosity, the Mormons. They believe many of the same things, since they are followers of the Arian heresy. Hence, they deny the Trinity, claim that Scripture which proves the Trinity is “forged”, deny the existence of Heaven and Hell, deny the existence of an immortal soul, etc. In some ways, they are something like modern-day Pharisees. Run for the hills.

That’s the first time I’ve heard the Mormons described as Arian. I’ll have to think about that.

Ask your girlfriend to explain John 2:21. How could Jesus raise himself, unless he is God? God transcends time and constraints. (JW bible missed that verse. It wasn’t changed to match their doctrine of non-trinity) Why have they as a “voice of God on Earth” predicted so many end times dates? Run dude.

I’ve met and known a lot of JWs in my time and their basic belief is in their own translation of the Bible, which suffers from a whole host of issues including a translation which denies the divinity of Jesus and the Trinity,

They also hold to a number of distinctive beliefs such as citing Leviticus to forbid blood transfusions and surgery which may involve blood transfers. There have been a number of legal cases in the UK where JWs have battled to ban blood transfusions for themselves or even their own children, including some cases where the child or person died for refusing.

And yes, the person who said JWs don’t read anything not published by Watchtower is correct. Part of their doctrine is that the Bible cannot be read by individuals but must be guided by the Watchtower, which naturally is the correct Bible interpreter.

Don’t even consider “joining” the Jehovahs Witnesses to get your friend back! They are a diabolical organization that has corrupted the Bible. They have been adding, removing and watering down scripture verses for many years now. Their most vile stance is to deny the deity of Christ. Basically Jesus was not God. Just a perfect man who died for the sins of the world. There is not enough room here to cover many verses that you can present to them but I will give some.

They changed Col 2:9 from “in him dwells the fullness of the God head bodily” to “In him dwells the divine quality”. Remember they are always trying to make Jesus just a man, or as they believe previously an angel.
Another verse they try to trip you up with is Col 1:15 where they say Jesus is the firstborn over all creation as if he was a created being. First born does not always mean the first one born in the bible. Jesse was the last born son of David yet he was called the firstborn. Why? Because firstborn can mean preeminent one, surpassing all.
A great verse is Acts20:28-“God bought the church with his own blood.”
Jesus said in John 8:58 “Before Abraham was, I AM.” Same words in the Greek that God said the Moses.
They may have gotten around to changing more verses.
Ask them how many Greek scholars support their version (the New World Translation) of the bible. I think they have two or three. Not exactly supportive. Pray. If you need more help PM me.

Aelred Minor,

They consider themselves Arians, so I’m willing to take their word for it. We had a poster on here last night when Semper Fi was inquiring about LDS beliefs. He/she (the LDS poster) claimed that “most” if not all followers of Christ were Arians prior to the Council of Nicaea and had the Nicene Creed forced on them. The LDS have restored this ancient belief, it was claimed.

Semper Fi,

I sympathize with you about the gf, but she’s lost, in all probability. I’ve been trying to reason with my father for over 30 years. The JW cult is an especially pernicious one, and the brainwashing is pretty complete. Try using the OT, is you insist on trying to save your friend. Isaiah has a couple of verses they find hard to handle. Try Isaiah 9:6 and Isaiah 54:5. Don’t get your hopes up.

No, Annie, that is not what I claimed (if I did claim that LDS restored Arianism, please cite the post for me, if you’re talking about me). My referencing ante-Nicene beliefs was to show the diversity in belief on the nature of God prior to the Council of Nicaea, and I remembered reading that Arianism was particularly prevalent (I believe I said “most”, but I certainly did not say “if not all”). I also mentioned Arianism in the context of re-baptism and the necessity to hold to the Trinity to be considered a Christian (since we were discussing whether Latter-day Saints can be considered Christian since we reject the Trinity). Latter-day Saints do not consider ourselves Arians (and I don’t believe I mentioned restoration of ancient beliefs in the context of Arianism, we reject many of the premises of Arianism). Sorry if I was not clear on that.

My sincere apologies, LivingWaters7. I did indeed misunderstand your statements altogether. Since you claimed LDS restores ancient, ante-Nicean religion, and referred explicitly to Arianism as a majority belief, I jumped to a conclusion. Since you say most believers were Arians, what is LDS trying to restore if not Arianism?

Charles Taze Russell is the one who founded the JW’s. Charles lost his faith as a Congregationalist, and adopted the “Adventists” into his new founded belief’s. Predicted the end of the world and it did not come to pass.

A lawyer Joseph F.Rutherford succeeded Charles Russell after he was released from Jail for sedition during World War I, and it was later Judge Rutherford who changed the name Russellites to Jehovah Witnesses in 1931.

JW’s are big on millennial doctrines, and the great Armageddon war.

JW’s opposed blood transfusions, business, Catholics, Christmas trees, the doctrines of Hell and immortality, flag saluting, higher education, liquor, lodges, Protestants, public office, military service, movies, Mother’s Day, Trinity, voting, YMCA, womens rights, birthdays just to mention a few.

JW’s inactivate or associate members. Everyone is expected to devote many hours a month to door to door preaching, except the blind and the lame.

Watch Tower end of the World predictions; 1914, 1918, 1925, 1941, and only the last generation of people alive from 1941 have passed away the end will come “for sure”? But they don’t make a prediction anymore after 1975.

What is interesting the ACLU supported their liberties and won many of their court cases, then the JW’s labeled the ACLU an agent of the devil. (See “Revised edition Seperated Brethren”, by William J. Whalen.)

jws also teach jesus is like michael the archangel ,though not very openly taught,but that he(jesus) is a created being for sure.


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I’m glad you posted that, since while the similarities between JW and the Arians are obvious it’s a big stretch to connect Mormon beliefs to them, so I was starting to think this was a wacky Mormon revision of Church history akin to the “Trail of Blood” idea held by a smallish but vocal minority of Baptists, where they see themselves in ancient and medieval groups that held vastly different beliefs.

For the record Arianism only arose shortly before the First Council of Nicaea and became a huge phenomenon in the decades following the Council that condemned it, not before. It’s true though that there were a wide variety of Christian and quasi-Christian groups prior to Chirstianity’s legalization, especially if you include all the Gnostic sects. One author I’ve read compared the Catholic Church in this period to a bee in the midst of a swarm of wasps, or something like that, its difference from the others and the significance of that difference not immediately apparent to those on the outside.

Aelred Minor,

That was my mistake, Aelred Minor. I misunderstood LivingWaters7’s comments from last night.

I am under the impression that Mormons and JWs both regard Jesus as a created being with some connection to St. Michael (and Lucifer). Is this incorrect? **

The biggest difference by far with JW theology is their disbelief in the Divinity of Christ. The Jewish people were/are strict Monotheists; the Old Testament is riddled with many verses talking about the one true God, YHWH. Since the JW’s do not believe Christ is Almighty God (with a capital G,) they believe he is “a god” as their butchering of John 1:1 renders.

If you cross-reference Genesis 1 with John 1 you will see the same words “In the beginning” that is being used. In the beginning refers to before creation took place, so before any creation took place, the Word was God (or “a god.”) If there is only 1 True God, then by definition anyone or anything else must be a False god.

In Isaiah 9:6 you have:


JW’s believe the Father and the Son are two different people (like we do,) but they also believe that there is more than the 1 true Deity that exists, and only the Father is God Almighty. Of course later in Isaiah God clearly states that he alone is God, and that there was no God formed before or after him.


Whatever Jesus was according to John 1:1, he was exactly the same in Genesis 1. The Word was not a created god; scripture clearly teaches otherwise. If Jesus was a created being and he is “a god” as they like to ascert, then their theology doesn’t line up with scripture. To me you don’t need to try and throw the Trinity in their face; start with showing that Jesus is Divine, he is called God with a capital G plenty of times (even in their “bible.”) All you need to ask them is if God lied in Isaiah 43:10 when he said no other God was formed before or after YHWH? If he didn’t create any Gods, then Jesus can’t be a creature who is “a god.”

  • If Jesus was a created being and he is “a god” as they like to ascert, then their theology doesn’t line up with scripture.

You’ve got that right!

Thanks everyone for answering my queries about the JWs, and my previous post the Mormons. I have been a Catholic my entire life, and I love being a Catholic and I will never convert to another religion, because the Catholic Church is the Church which God founded. God founded the Catholic Church and the people that are in the Catholic Church are in the true religion, the right church.

I would like to thank everyone for answering my questions about the religion, and I would like to thank everyone for answering my queries about the non-Catholic religions. I have recently received a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls, so go to my thread in Sacred Scripture on the subject if you are interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I think that there are many people that I have come to believe in. I would like to thank you all for posting on my topics and for taking the time to answer my questions about the subjects that I have posted. My questions have been answered.

This is a great, well-educated group of people that we have here at Catholic Answers, and I love being a member of this forum. This is my favorite discussion forum besides the DevShed Forums. I think that there are some people that I would like to have and thank personally, the poster who sympathized with me about my ex-girlfriend.

I broke off the relationship with my ex-girlfriend because I found a good Catholic girl that I am dating currently at the church that I go to. I go to a SSPX Church in Fort Collins o the Spirit of Christ Catholic Community church in Arvada, Colorado.

Thank you all for your input on the subject, it has been greatly appreciated and I have been able to understand the JW religion better because of the tracts at Catholic Answers. The Catholic Answers tracts have answered my many questions about the subject.

I am also greatly indebted to the posters about the question that I have been able to fine and I have been able to ascertain and come to grips with other things about the Church, and I love these forums dearly.

Is there a way that I can contribute some of my salary to the discussion forums to keep them giong? I know that it costs money for moderators and to maintain the hosting of the discussion forum and I would like to become a sustaining member of the forums.

I think that there are some good threads on other subjects that I have been greatly indebted to believe in, and I as a life-long Catholic do believe in the subject and I believe in the subjects and I have been greatly fine-tuned to believe in the books of the Bible.

I believe in the true Church and I believe in the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, and I am greatful to the posters and contributors here at Catholic Answers forums.

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