What do the people at the Vatican do for fun?

Does the Pope have an ipod and listen to music or ever watch movies, or play pool or ever do anything fun? I mean I know its a strict and dedicated lifestyle, but do they ever get free time to sit back and live life a little? I mean I wouldn’t expect to see him at concerts or anything like that, but really, what do they do for fun there? Is there an arcade room?

This is a serious question.

I know that Vatican City has a soccer team that occasionally plays exhibition matches. I’ve also seen that the Swiss Guards have a morning routine of going out for a run consisting of several laps around the country (which is pretty amusing). The pope himself has VERY little free time, but he has two pianos in his personal residence. He states that he likes to try to get at least 15 minutes of playing in every few days or so.

Do they play video games?
gets ideas about Byzantine Catholic clergy and Final Fantasy IV :smiley:

Gardens for a nice prayerful walk…museums…concerts…books…

Keep in mind the Holy Father is 85 years young and uses a scooter to navigate the long halls of The Vatican, I do know the Holy Father has an IPad. When Blessed Pope John Paul II was in his younger days, he was very athletic and loved to snow ski.

I don’t think the Pope uses the IPad though. I think he has people post for him on his twitter page.

And to the other person who suggested video games, as long as they don’t have bad stuff in them, I see no reason for the Pope to be denied getting a PS3/XBox installed into his room.

I used to imagine the pope was secretly into the hip-hop scene, but in a good way. You know, with things like:
“I love it when they call me big papa! Throw yo’ hands in the air if you’s a true pray’a!”

Or… he would hold up his rosary and say something like,
“Word to yo motha! Big ups to the M-A-M-A!”

But for some reason, it was easier to imagine Papa J doing these things. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the same as anywhere else in the world - socialize, debate, discuss, eat, drink, smoke, read, study (learning is the greatest recreation), pray, watch television and film.

So an iPod might be a good gift for the Pope.
I have heard he’s an avid reader (no surprise) so I’d expect to find him reading often. I do remember seeing photos of him walking around the Vatican in the mornings.

Maybe they read some of the ridiculous things people say on these forums (myself included) and fall over laughing.

It always seemed to me that lacrosse (get it?) would be an appropriate Catholic sport. Wait! Actually, a Jesuit university (Loyola, Maryland) actually is NCAA champion! Maybe they watched their victory over a secular school, although the semi-final game between Loyola and Notre Dame might have been cause for concern about Church unity.

Oh, and there are also baseball games between the Cardinals and Padres, and NFL games between the Cardinals and Saints. And Notre Dame football.

I can’t get the image of the Pope and a bunch of Cardinals doing some awesome hip-hop routine down the streets of Rome now. Awesome sauce.

What do the Saints do in Heaven for fun?

Pope Benedict received an ipod as a gift right after he was elected pope (it was for his birthday, I think). He enjoys classical music, attends concerts as his schedule allows and plays the piano. I have noticed that when he travels, he particularly seems to enjoy animal performances, whenever the host schedules such a thing for his entertainment. John Paul II liked to ski.

This just reminded me of a very funny quote from John Paul II whilst he was still a cardinal. An interviewer asked him if it was becoming for a cardinal to ski and he replied “It is unbecoming for a cardinal to ski badly.” :thumbsup:

I remember reading that; I also pictured him skiing in his full vestments.:rotfl:

The Pope smokes and drinks?

Television. do you think maybe he has a certain show that he dvr’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding. But he might. Whose to say he doesn’t have a certain show he watches?

I wonder what his favorite movie is

Yes he smokes, and being a good Bavarian he certainly enjoys the occasional beer. I’ve even seen him photographed with brew in hand :slight_smile:

We’re not Puritans y’know.

Surely he should work on quitting the smoking thing…

Like most smokers, he probably does at least try to quit from time to time. At his age he’s probably been a smoker for a very long time so 'tain’t so easy.

Oh, he’s drinking beer. :smiley:

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