What do the US bishops have to say about child poverty in America?


Here’s a major point: you work for a small business. It is probably owned and run by one or two people. They can decide to take every cent out of the company that they can, or they can decide to do good things for their employees which involve the owner’s taking home less money.

A lot of businesses are not small businesses and are corporately structured with many owners of a small part of the company each. Stockholders like these expect to get a return on their money, and they expect the company to be run in such a way.that this return is maximized.

Under certain circumstances, the stockholders can sue the management if they feel management did not maximize profits.

Moral responsibility is also diffused in this structure.

The result is that there is a concentration of energy on maximizing short-term profit. There is no responsibility to the employee, who is a a powerless economic unit in the vast machine.

It’s a conundrum, that’s for sure. We could institute company-paid parental leave, but then the company would avoid hiring people who might need it, because it’s a tremendous expense. Then we’d have to gear up the EEOC to micromanage hiring practices.

If the government were to pay for parental leave, we would of course have to pay additional taxes to have the money to do that.


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