What do the "V." and the "R." stand for in the old prayer books?

What do the “V.” and the “R.” stand for in the old prayer books, or in their FIRST printed (or written) usages?

I think, but can’t prove, that they stand for:
V: Versicle
R: Responsorial

I’ve had this question ever since my youth, & decided that it was past-time to get a correct, historical answer.
Thank you.

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They are medieval Latin abbreviations for the words “versiculus” and “responsum”, or “versicle” and “response” in English, originally in reference to the antiphonal recitation of psalms.


THANK YOU, AndrewAxland!! So much appreciated. When you have a nagging question, all your life, & you FINALLY get the answer, there is light & freedom. JMJ✝


V/ priest part
R/people’s response

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Yes. Didn’t you ever wonder what those letters stood for. All these acronyms drive me nuts. SIM, PIN, HTTP, URL, etc. :upside_down_face:

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