What do Traditional/Orthodox Catholics Do for Fun Outside of Mass?

Today, a co-worker sent me one of those Walmart type of emails. I’m referring to the ones with pictures of people going to Walmart in all sorts of crazy attire. They are often quite funny.

I thought about passing it on to some of my trad friends, but then I wondered if they were too pious for those type of jokes.

Which got me thinking.

What do traditional Catholics do for fun outside of Mass, adoration, vigils etc?

Someone sent me one of those once. It is ridiculous how people go out in public dressed like that. But then I think: every one of those people is loved by God and needs help to get to Heaven.

Which got me thinking.
What do traditional Catholics do for fun outside of Mass, adoration, vigils etc?

reading online discussion forums? :smiley:

Outdoor activities seem to be pretty popular. Of course, in families with lots of small children, there’s not usually much need to go looking for stuff to fill time.

That’s exactly why I didn’t forward it on, LOL. I figured someone might shame me with the same response. :o

Does anyone go dancing?

The “people of walmart” website?

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t pass that along. I’ve always felt bad for those people and thought it pretty terrible to be taking pictures of random people and posting them for the world to see and laugh at them. :frowning:

As for what to do for fun??

I don’t see why it should be an issue for devout Catholics to do anything different for fun as everyone else, as long as it isn’t something sinful.

Enjoy the outdoors at a park or a beach, go for jogs/walks, cook with friends, grill out, go to a museum, have a movie night with popcorn, get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant, call up some girlfriends for a day at the mall, host a little dinner party, etc etc… those are a few of my favorite things. :smiley:

Aside from spending a huge amount of time on CAF?

Play video games sometimes. Play with my son, watch sports on TV, a few shows. My wife and I love eating out and trying different kinds of cuisines. The occasional hanging out with friends who are also couples and families our age. If its summer, picnics. And maybe 3-5 times a year drive down to the US and buy stuff from the outlet malls :smiley:

I used to go dancing A LOT back before I met my now husband. By “a lot” I mean 3 times a week, no joke! Lol.

It was great to just let loose the stresses of the day with a group of friends. Once I started dating Brian though, I kinda lost interest in the whole night life scene… but I definitely had a great time back then!

I’m a nerd. I do IT stuff for a living, and when I’m done with that I play computer games. And board games. And table top games. And trading card games. And read comics. And read other books.

When my back was better I played a lot of sports. I also keep tabs on my favorite sports teams. And my greatest vice of all;

I watch professional wrestling.

You sound like me before I got married :smiley:

My wife knew full well going into the marriage what she was getting into, so very few (if any) of these hobbies have changed :slight_smile:

I wanted to get into Warhammer, but it’s expensive and the small pieces are not a good idea to have in the house with a one year old present.

Once my back gets better I’ll be taking up a martial art probably as well.

That makes 3 IT folks. :smiley:

Do you go out to bars?

Do you watch movies that may contain some violence/sexual situations?

Um, define bars? I must admit the connotation is different between here and the Philippines. If you mean a place where people drink, yes. But not so much now that I’m married. But when I was single, yes. Places to dance? No. I don’t dance. I can’t dance to save my life.

Its hard not to these days, I mean sex scenes are almost mandatory in most films and even TV shows. Honestly I do avoid those movies who’s sole purpose is to promote sex and promiscuity. I like action films, and as a geek, superhero films. We also would look for some Hong Kong action films at import video stores.

I don’t drink alcohol at all due to personal reasons (I have ZERO issue with others drinking, it’s a personal choice on my part), so there’s not much of a point to hitting a bar. If a friend is having a birthday event at one I’m not opposed to going, but it’s not something I go out of my way to do.

I tend to not watch overly suggestive things when it comes to sexual items. I turn the channel when the ladies are on RAW/Smackdown, for example.

Violence I’m fine with most of the time, provided it’s not too bloody. Action films, super hero films, wrasslin’ misc etc

EDIT: You could have said** “that makes IT 3 folks”.**

I suspect that Trad Catholics do many of the same things that “other” folks do. Personally I’m into firearms, hunting, visiting grandkids. Oh, and I love potlucks. Helping my wife in our very LARGE vegetable garden. I’m her “helper”. You know, “honey. I need 20 fences posthole dug”, “please bring that 100lbs. sack of fertilizer over here”. “No, not there, here; or maybe over there”.

And, of course, visiting the chiropractor. I just love it!!! :slight_smile:

I sometimes do stuff with graphic and web design for fun, also broadcast an online radio show weekly, read, listen to music, watch tv, go to the movies, do some writing, social media, watch sports on tv (or in person) among other things. :smiley:

Didn’t they clean up because the teens switched to MMA, so McMahon is not trying to attract a younger audience? Like pre-pubescent boys? I know there was a time the WWE was just a sex show, I mean the divas were there basically as glorified strip club dancers. I miss the days of Ms. Elizabeth when she didn’t have to put on a bikini for men to take notice of her.

Other than spend countless hours complaining about the OF and the evils of Vatican II? :wink: Totally joking of course, I just find it funny that we now would seperate Catholics by even their recreational activities. I think that they pretty much do the same things as "non-traditionals (whatever that is). Our “traditional” pastor was just referencing some of the new movies he saw this weekend on facebook.


I forgot to add “making bread”. I love it, especially with a new recipe and just trying to own the recipe and making it work.

I make bread weekly for home and also make our Communion bread (prosphora) since Christmas.

They did a bit, yes. But PG now is different than what PG used to be.

I consider my self traditional (as opposed to traditionalist). Personally I do like these forums, checking up on my facebook, the TV shows Top Gear and Man, Woman, Wild and many others… Basically, no matter how traditoinal a Catholic one is, you are still human and living in this world. Having a spiritual life doesn’t exclude good (clean!) fun.

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