What do we do about a nun giving the homily ?

Earlier this year I attended a Sunday Mass at my Nevada parish. We were having a retreat that week hosted by a nun from another state.

After the priest read the gospel he announced that instead of a homily the nun would speak to us about the retreat.

So the Sister gets up and starts talking about the gospel. On that morning the reading was about Jesus and the woman at the well. The Sister told us she thought the reason Jesus had left his apostles and was at the well was because Jesus was tired of hanging out with the men who were always arguing about who was the greatest. She paused after saying this like we were supposed to applaud this comment or cheer. When no one did she repeated it to try and get some kind of positive reaction. She got none. When she finished no one applauded. It was as though everyone knew that a line had been crossed.

I looked up sister on the internet and it turns out she is the vocational director of one of the largest arch-dioceses in the nation (if not the largest). There are many people making charges that she intentionally weeds out anyone against female ordination.

I love this priest but he is talking about her coming back to do another retreat.

Did this cross the line ? I don’t even know if this priest was aware of the extent of what she was going to say about the gospel when he invited her to speak, but why did he feel he should not even give a homily ?

If this nun is scheduled to come back should I address my concerns to the bishop in writing ?

Dear friend,

Over and above the inane content of the talk, she did attempt to give a homily–which the non-ordained are not allowed to do. The pastor was remiss in not preaching to the faithful which is his responsibility. This is a grave matter. Even if she is not scheduled to give another retreat, I encourage you to write your bishop about this. He has a right to know.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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