What do we do if my wife is ordered not to become pregnant?


My wife has been ordered by her doctor not to become pregnant due to her high cholesterol.

She has been prescribed medication that cannot be taken by pregnant women or women who may become pregnant.

We are asking what we can do in this situation. Her condition forbids pregnancy. If NFP the only method allowed by the Church in this situation? My wife also has a thyroid condition which makes her cycle irregular and almost impossible to track.


For information on Catholic medical bioethics questions, I recommend contacting the National Catholic Bioethics Center. The Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction, an apostolate which specializes in women’s health issues, may also be of help. One other apostolate that might be able to assist you is the Catholic Medical Association.

If it is determined that you and your wife must absolutely avoid pregnancy, there are two options available: NFP or complete abstinence. Assuming that you and your wife would prefer not to have to engage in complete abstinence, I recommend contacting the Couple to Couple League for information on how to use NFP in situations such as yours. From what I understand, NFP is not dependent on a woman having a regular cycle; rather, what is tracked are fertility signs, not cycles.

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