What do we do when the Blessed Sacrament desecrated?


What should we do when the Blessed Sacrament is abused? This morning, my sister went to mass and told me a horrible incident. A disturbed woman was talking incoherently right before communion. When she received the Blood of Christ from the Eucharistic Minister, this woman drank, then threw the chalice toward the EM! The Blood spilled on the floor! My sister was horrified and told the EM to get a purificator. She was given a white strip of cloth and dabbed to save the Precious Blood. My sister brought it home and we have preserved the cloth and placed it on our home altar. We offered three Hail Mary’s in reparation for this abuse. We are planning to bury the cloth in the ground at our small grotto in the back yard. Can you please advise? Thanks and God bless.


Dear Kayro,

I don’t know why your sister took it upon herself to take the purificator home. Purificators often soak up the precious Blood. You should not keep it and certainly you shouldn’t burry it. It should be returned to the Church where is can be rinsed in the sacrarium. The sacrarium is a sink in the sacristy which drains into the ground and not into the sewer. Then it can be washed with soap and used again.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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