What do we do when the Precious Blood is spilled on clothing?

I sing at the choir at my church, and last Thursday after Mass one of the members showed me that she had spilled the precious blood on the stoll that we were around our necks. I looked at the robe, and also felt that I saw two very tiny drops of precious blood on the robe. I immediately brought the stoll and robe to my priest. Then, on Sunday, the choir director came to me and asked me what happened with the robe. I explained, and she informed me that the priest was not sure what was going on and gave the robe and stoll back to her. I examined it, only to see that it had not been cleaned! The Precious Blood was still there! After Mass, I went up to the other priest at my church and told him what had happened. I showed him the robe and stoll. He only took the stoll to wash, because he could not see the two small drops of Precious Blood on the robe. He also stated, “It’s been several days so most of this has evaporated, but I am going to soak the stoll.” I still feel that there was some Precious Blood on the robe, but my priest didn’t seem to see it and didn’t seem concerned. What do I do??? Do I need to push this issue with the priest again so that the robe also gets cleaned, or should I let it be since it has already been almost a week since the Blood was spilled. Thanks.

~ Claire

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