What do y'all think of Twilight?

I’m curious about what views, criticisms, praises, analysis Catholics have regarding this other literary and cinematic phenomenon. The Harry Potter discussion got me curious about the Twilight Saga. Of course, everyone can participate, not only Catholics! :wink:

I personally was never impressed by it because it never struck me as an originl idea. The first story-Twilight, too eerily resembles the first season of the TV series: Roswell. Only you have vampires instead of aliens, Edward and the human Bella, instead of Max and Liz, the Cullens with whose interests Bella becomes entangled, instead of Max’s family of Aliens whose lives and interests, Liz got entangled with. Max exposed his alien nature to Liz while saving her life, just like Edward with Bella, and this is what sparked off the whole story. I also disliked the core message of the story which seemed to me to be that romantic love is the centre and meaning and purpose of human life, or the highest good that they cannot live without etc. I watched the first four movies recently after being pressured by an avid fan in the family to see them and this issue, is what I didn’t like though I didn’t think it was as bad as I had assumed all these years when I saw it as an imitation of Roswell.

What do you think of Stephanie Meyer’s love/vampire story?

over hyped…I hope this obsession with Vampires ends…its everywhere… When Twilight was on FX once, I turned it on briefly…only saw bits and pieces…YAWN…

(on a side note, I made the innocent mistake of mentioning that Robert Pattinson (Edward) was in a Harry Potter movie, to a non catholic relative of mine. She about threw a fit…she said Harry Potter is witchcraft! She had said she liked Twilight…I don’t get it…VAMPIRES are okay…but Harry Potter is witchcraft?)

ok, I abhorr the idea of vampires, but, even so, this moive’s acting was below average. As in, way below.

A friend of mine told me I just HAD to read that book. That’s one day of my life I’d really like to have back. The writing was awful and there are just too many good books out there demanding my time.

The Twilight series as a whole is highly overhyped by its legions and legions of rabid fans.

The books are what I call dummy down reading and the movies were mindless stress relief. I do admit though that vampire baseball looks like a lot of fun.

Its all part of the demonic, aka harry potter and twilight (I used to read harry potter so I know what Im talking about). Fr. Gabrielle Amorth would have a few things to say about twilight lets just say, and not exactly postive comments either!

As a Catholic, I don’t have much of an opinion either way. AFAIK, the series is trying to appeal to kids who are old enough to understand the difference between things that happen in real life and things that only happen in stories.

As a person who appreciates literature and understands good writing, Twilight is TERRIBLE. :eek: I have read parts of the first book, and I just felt I couldn’t take any more.

I did happen across the first movie once on cable, and I prefer movies with plots.

I heard that the later books and movies get better, but I just couldn’t get up enough enthusiasm to find out.


I agree that the writing is really bad, but to be honest, I could overlook bad writing in a book I was reading for light entertainment when I just ned to relax if it weren’t for the completely twisted way that love and romantic relationships are portrayed in that series. Love is not rational. What is supposed to make a relationship work is just simply the fact that you are attracted to someone with this romantic attraction that will never fade away or die and so you will. This is completely opposed to what is necessary in real, healthy relationships. Love in a comitted relationship will not survive without the conscience choice every day to act for the other whether or not you ‘feel’ like it at the time. I am honestly afraid that this book might mislead some people into bad relationships/going to far in a relationship because of a romanticized fate-like understanding of love which assumes that so long as your current feelings for this person are strong then you belong together.

I can’t comment much on the movies, mostly because I couldn’t sit through even 10 min of the first movie. And this was even sitting on a plane for a transatlantic trip when I honestly had nothing better to do. Suffice it to say I do not intend to watch any more of the movies.

oh, fine. the one guy is really “hot”. How silly of me to type that, but hey…I still think the movie is a waste of time, and I only know he’s cute from commercials. :thumbsup:

True Blood is better

Never really cared much for vampire stories to begin with. That said, i think they’re horrid books, through and through. The writing’s awful, Bella and Edward’s relationship is beyond unhealthy, the fact that she made up an entire history on the Quilleute Nation and that these books spawned the Fifty Shades travesty is enough for me to write them off and move on.

“and then, Buffy staked Edward. The End”.



The main moral perversion that stuck out to me is that Edward says he loves Bella but also makes her a vampire which dooms her to damnation. This is the exact opposite of love. Sure its fiction but its not the kind of fiction I’d want to read.

Some would also argue the drinking of human blood is practiced by some satanic cults and isn’t something to be toyed with. Anyhow the first issue I brought up is enough to turn me away from the whole thing.

Other then that I haven’t read the books. I saw some of the first film which wasn’t anything to write about. So all in all its a quick pass for me :D.

Only that Bella is the most vapid character in the history of writing: raising low self-esteem to an artform.

I read all four of them at the behest of my wife. I’ve always been a big fan of vampire literature, but generally it has to be relegated to the Gothic horror genre for it to be my kind of vampires.

As for the twilight books, i find them to be a mildly entertaining diversion for a day, but they are horribly written and completely unoriginal. We saw the first movie as well… my wife was a fan of of the series until them XD they are soooooo terrible.

Love this. :thumbsup:

Wow! Everyone’s being so rough on Twilight!

I was a huge fan of the series when I was in middle school. Well written? No, not really. But it was a great story, somewhat original, humorous at times, had endearing characters, a good mix of fantasy and romance and realistic emotions.

Do I think it’s demonic or morally trashy? No, not at all. The Cullens are “moral” vampires.

Do I think the movies are any good? NO NO NO NO!! If you’ve only seen the movies, don’t base your judgement off that! The movies make the story seem much darker than it actually is.

Vampires that sparkle. Does anything else really need to be said?

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