What do you admire about other members at CA?

What do you admire about members at CA in their discussing topics with others?

One of my favorite things to see, is when someone could easily take offense to something but convey the complete opposite.

For the most part I have felt very welcome despite my seriously bad way of phrasing some of my questions. There are members here who are genuinely ready not to put you down but to embrace your questions and answers and share what it means to be Catholic.

It is from these people who I’ve learned the most and feel comfortable coming back to be a part of the forums. Their Christian charity is real and has helped me grow as a follower of Christ throughout my time here.

God bless all!


What’s that supposed to mean?

I admire those who will go back and forth with someone that is asking questions for page after page. Lots of patience in those folks.

Great question! I greatly admire forum members who do research and provide us all with real information, not just personal opinions. Even though I sometimes don’t agree with him, EdWest is the member I most admire. He is always honest and never snarky like I have the propensity to be.:eek:

I like questions like the OP’s! Accentuating the positive, drawing our awareness to it! :smiley:
Anything that creates more of God’s Kingdom here on earth…Kindness, love, consideration, helpfulness, etc. Thanks!

I admire those that are very knowledgeable and that consistently give accurate & thorough answers. The very kind members are always pleasant to read, too.

Those who dispel common myths or stereotypes.

And those who are open to hearing them.:slight_smile:

I admire the non-Catholics, especially. They generally know they will be outnumbered on most threads, they sometimes are rebuked by Catholics who have deep passions for some very specific themes. Yet they come back. I really like those who patiently explain some aspect of their own faith tradition - the best are the Lutherans and Anglicans (but maybe I call them the “best” because they are closest to my own). Some are incredibly familiar with Catholicism as well.

In general, I admire those persons, Catholic or non-Catholic, who can explain, affirm, and (gently) defend their own views, without criticizing those who hold other views. For instance, I like when people explain their own, personal love for the Latin Mass, Anglican services, Sola Scriptura, etc. I am trying not to push buttons when I write about people I have difficulty with, such as {edited, edited}. In fact, I often find myself a person other people have difficulty with. This happens when I write with any emotion besides love.

Lazy men, as myself, for whom 60 seconds on Wikipedia is classified as Intense Research, can’t help but admire JonNC or GKC, and others whose research is thorough, and balanced, not aimed to support their agendas but lovers of truth. I benefit from them, and from Brother JR, (JReducation) who is Catholic but explained so much spiritual and Church facts.

We are blessed.

People who are here to ask and answer genuine questions instead of just argue.

I admire those who are really interested in getting to the bottom of an issue with grace and patience. Those who will make their statements about their faith without tearing someone else’s down, or making snarky remarks. Also, I admire those who don’t ask snarky questions (those questions that were already answered by the person who is being asked earlier in the thread and the questioner just looking to start an argument, IMO). Those that can do all of the foregoing without trying to proselytize someone into converting them into whatever faith they are (meaning: such as "you should look into the truth of the Catholic Church, “since you said that, then you should be in Communion with the Bishop of Rome,” and those types of comments that to me are meant to proselytize).

Yes! Humor is great to see too! :smiley: It’s most appreciated when it’s funny. :smiley:

My favorite is when the non-Catholics chime in and give answers to questions from a Catholic perspective—and they are good, accurate answers! :slight_smile:

I quite agree.

The only thing I’d add (and maybe this is just stating the obvious) is that a good conversation depends on both sides.

FollowChrist34 comes to mind: though he’s only been here about 6 months, I’ve really enjoyed reading some conversations he has had with Protestant posters here. (I digress … But of course I didn’t want you to think I was talking about myself in the previous paragraph. ;))

That is a kind and insightful comment. :thumbsup: Thank you!

This forum has many good and patient listeners, people who are curious and take time to understand others.

I like it when someone’s honest, especially when they’re saying something that may be unpopular. I respect honest people.:cool:

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