What do you all think of my home (or dorm) altar / shrine?


I know it’s not much but here’s a small home altar / shrine I set up in my dorm room. Sorry if the picture is kind of dark, the saint on the far left is Saint Kateri (my favorite!). I hope the color of the blanket is close enough to the green ordinary time color. What do you all think?


It’s lovely and the shade of green is fine!


Awww. :heart: Very nice!


God bless you for doing this and having this show you are PROUD of your Faith.


I’m proud of you! I didn’t have an altar in my dorm rooms – the whole room was filled with stuff like that. If I had a roommate, it all stayed on my side of the room.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Well done!


If you actually use it your GRADE is A+


It’s lovely and a wonderful testimony to your faith.


Very nice!


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