What do you call protestants?


When talking to them do you call them you Protestants, separated breathern, brothers and sisters?

Be nice:)


Most non-Catholic Christians

Some Jack.



Well…If we are face to face…then I call them by thier first name. :thumbsup:


Brother in Christ


I usually call them Protestants if speaking in general and across denominational boundaries; I try to use specific denominational appelations were possible and at least broad theological groupings (Calvinist, etc) when not.

I refer to them as brothers and sisters in Christ as well, particularly when discussions get heated and it becomes useful to emphasize for lurkers’ sake that I am not attempting to write them out of Christianity for the sake of an argument.


Non-Catholic Christians because some of them take offense being called Protestants. I do know for a fact they come from Protestant traditions. Even those who claim to be Non-Denominational, Born Again Christians, or just Christians. NCC best describe them.

I would not call them Christian because Christian is a general term. I would say which? Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant?


The topic doesn’t generally come up when I’m talking with Protestants, but if they should ask how I as a Catholic would “categorize” them, I’d say “separated brethren.” (I like that older term best–“brothers and sisters” just sounds too new age to my ears, which is just my personal bugaboo.)

If they should ask why, I’d explain as charitably and as simply as possible, with the idea of helping them understand, not to make them feel like they are “less than me”, for God knows I am nothing and no one.


Got it - it has a nice ring to it. Nice meter, just rolls off the tongue

“You non-Catholic Christians - you’re gonna BURN!!!”

Immensely satisfying;)


Hey! I thought you wanted us to be nice! :eek: :slight_smile:

Manny didn’t say anything like “you’re gonna BURN!!!” Wherever did you get that idea?

Saying that someone who is not a Catholic may not be a Christian simply means they may be of a sect that most Protestants wouldn’t recognize as Christian, either, such a JWs or Mormons, because they do not hold to the basic core beliefs all Christians do.

Why jump to conclusions based on a quick reading of a post and then write an emotional response that has nothing to do with the topic? Ask for clarification, and I’m sure you’ll get a “nice” reply. OK?


I know, I thought better of that reply after I posted it, so I promptly deleted it and hoped none of you would have seen it. but…


No problem. I’ve written some boners in my time, too! :o Now, back to the topic… :slight_smile:


When in discussions, and the need for a ‘term’ comes up, I call them what they rightly are…

Protestant Christians…

in Christ


Typically, if speaking in general to them as a group and not on an individual basis (where I would use their name), I usually call them non-Catholic Christians. I attempt to be sensitive to individual wishes and long ago realized that I can’t please everyone. :slight_smile:


None of the above. If I am having a conversation with them, I call them by their names.


Orthodox are non-Catholic Christians as well, so it’s not really a synonym for the communities spawned by the Reformation.


I usually call them whatever they call themselves. If their preferred identification is by their denomination, I use that that. If they offer no particular identification, but I know they are Christian, then I call them Christian. If I need to distinguish them from me for some illustration of practice, I’ll say a non-Catholic Christian. Usually Christian by itself works, though, because I’m not usually drawing a distinction. I’m more inclined to use the term “Protestant” if I’m talking history or groups of types of Christians, or if I am talking with a person who does have a personal identification with not being Catholic (ie, they call themselves Protestant often and they mean something specific by doing so).



Most deny being Protestants saying they aren’t protesting anything, but if you look at their rhetoric you’ll soon say…

This looks like a duck.

This talks like a duck.

This walks like a duck.

This behaves like a duck.

:hmmm: This is a duck.


When necessary to distinguish myself from Catholics, I refer to myself as an “evangelical protestant,” a “protestant,” or sometimes just an “evangelical.” I don’t have a problem with any of these words, and I haven’t met any other protestants who do. In fact, most of the Lutherans I know are a proud to be called “Protestant.” I personally find terms like “non-Catholic Christian” excessively ginger and PC. Pax tecum, Phil



*]1. Brethren/sistren in Christ
*]2. Protestants
]3. Non-Catholics
]4. Other Churches
]5. mainstream Protestants[/LIST]And some are
]6. Fundamentalists
- or

*]7. Protestants in “magisterial” or “liturgical” Churches[/LIST]


I typically just use Protestant but I’m going to try and stop doing that. There is really just to much difference between the various denominations for them to be lumped under one umbrella even if in an historical context it applies. So I’m probably going to try to be more specific.

On the fun side I have a good evangelical buddy who I discuss theological issues with a lot and I call him a “bad Catholic” which he gets a kick out of. That is all in fun though.

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