What do you call someone you are confirmation sponsor to?

Someone you are godparent to in Baptism is your godson or goddaughter. Is there a word in English equivalent to that for people you are Confirmation sponsor to?

“I was Sally’s Confirmation Sponsor”.

The technically correct term is sponsor for both baptism and confirmation. Godparent is more a colloquialism. So, in that respect, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to use the same language for confirmation as we do for baptism, but it might feel and sound awkward. (The person you sponsor for confirmation is still your goddaughter/godson.)

Some people have fairly recently (since 2004) used the word sponsee (plural: sponsees) to refer to a person being sponsored, similar to the way a person being tutored is a tutee and a person being mentored is a mentee. You could refer to a person you are sponsoring for Confirmation as your Confirmation sponsee or simply as your sponsee, if the context of Confirmation is understood.

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