What do you collect?


Tell us about your collection(s). What do you collect and is there a story behind your collection?

I recently started a collection of glass divided relish dishes. They’re only a dollar or so at the thrift stores, and I use them for serving relishes–nuts, pickles, veges, fruits (mainly small fruits like berries), candies, etc. My grandma did this–I can still remember her delicious bread and butter pickles alongside her pickled beets (all homemade by her, of course)–best part of the meal! So whenever I use one of my little divided dishes, I remember Grandma and all our family gatherings filled with a din of conversation (our German-American family LOVED to talk, and usually all at once–drove my husband nuts when he first came to one of our gatherings!). But he sure loved those bread and butter pickles, so he would just eat while we all talked!

Your turn–tell us! :slight_smile:




I collect many things. :grimacing:
Rosary beads. Clocks. Belleek. Dinner plates.
Small religious statues. Old stuff.


Thanks for a lovely post, and thread. I really liked hearing about this, and how you think of your dear Grandmother! :heart:

I have a very large book collection, as I love to read.

I also have some angel figurines of different types. I love religious items.

I also have a small collection of kitty figurines, too, as I love cats–both live, and figurines. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also like candles and related items, like candle wax melt tarts.

Besides candles, we have some tart burners here in our home. We have the electric kind that you plug in, and then I have one that you put a tea light candle in the bottom of it, and it melts the tart in the top of burner.


I don’t consider it a collection per se, but when we go on a trip, I like to buy a coffee mug.

They’re not on display at all, we use them.


I collect dust, cobwebs, and spiders for no particular reason. Actually, I collect old math school books from the 50’ and 60s when I can find them.


Records, but not cool or valuable ones. More like laugh at the cover, pay and then hope for the best.

Taxidermy, but sparingly and only if it’s funny. If the animal was striking a sassy pose or has a ridiculous mouth etc.


I collect those too! Not the spiders though.

One of my kids saw a spider today, and took a picture and sent it to me with the message, “help”

I nudged it out of the door. It looked mean.


I used to collect old postcards. I also collect books and old dishes and glassware.


Figurines, photos, paintings, and etc of lighthouses.


Coins that I’ve found,favourite books from second hand shops.


Not a collector in a formal sense, but I do have a bordering-on-inordinate attachment to flashlights, classical music recordings, old coins that I’ve received in change, tools, books, cute beach towels, unusual mugs, and a few other things.



Too much stuff. :flushed:

Books. CDs. Video games. Religious items.


Books when I was a kid I used to collect stamps and foreign coins


Mid century ash trays, mid century pottery, mid century silver fade drinkware (do you see a theme here???)


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