What do you do about a child converting to Judaism?

A friend’s 10-year-old daughter is committed to converting to Judaism from Christianity. Can you recommend a book appropriate for a child to help her see the true existence of Christ?

If this child is only ten, it is very likely she is converting to Judaism because one of her parents, likely her father, is Jewish and is committed to raising the child Jewish. (She would already be Jewish and not in need of conversion if the Jewish parent is her mother.) It is also possible that one of the parents has converted to Judaism and has committed to raising the child Jewish, likely with the other parent’s consent—or at least in the absence of a strenuous objection.

This means two things: One, the child should be left alone. No one should attempt to proselytize a child without his or her parents’ consent. And, two, the people to whom you should be directing your concerns about apostasy are the child’s parents. They are the ones most likely to be responsible for this matter, not the child.

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