What do you do at a JW meeting?

I used to go when I was younger. I remember it was 2 hours long. You sang a bit. But you mostly listened to a lecture, am I right? What are the lectures about? About teaching others your faith?

It would a mistake for a Catholic to attend a JW meeting. They share almost no beliefs with us. They think that Jesus was Michael the Archangel. False. They believe that there is no he’ll. False. They believe in sola scriptura. False doctrine. They believe that Catholicism is part of the devil’s kingdom. False to the max. Stay away from those meetings.

I don’t want to go. I’m just curious. I’m very strong in my faith as a Catholic. I just wanted to know.

Except for social reasons (e.g. a funeral, wedding, etc.), I do not understand why a Catholic would attend a JW meeting. Many of their beliefs are unscriptural. Undeterred, they wrote their own version of the Scriptures. Seriously. There is nothing wrong with finding out more about them, but there are probably better ways to do it than attending their meetings. They tend to be a rather closed group, and unless you express a willingness to convert, they probably are not going to be very welcoming.

Wow, such harsh responses!!

I’ve never been to one, but I have a good friend who attends. Yes, it’s about two hours and yes there is some singing. But there is LOTS of talking as I understand–pretty dry. Also there is a time where the assembly reviews the latest issue of the Watchtower. If you’ve studied your Watchtower ahead of time, you can look good by knowing the answers to the questions :slight_smile:

Again, I’ve never attended a meeting, but my sense from my friend is that they love to have new people attend–anything for a convert! Usually there’s a flying on my door every year for upcoming Holy Week meetings–can’t remember exactly what they do for it though.

That’s about all I know.

Thanks, Dave. I got that flyer, too. I won’t be attending. I love Holy Week, especially this year since my birthday is Holy Thursday. I was simply just wondering. I truly have no intention on converting. I love my Catholic faith. Other faiths seem so empty to me. I was really into being a witness in junior high, but I realized in early high school that their teachings were not Christ-like. And I have also attended First Baptist, non denominal, and Assembly of God churches before I decided to look into Catholicism. I’m not leaving. I’m perfectly content being Catholic. I have no problem with it, and love and cherish it.

I don’t think that is true. They oppose adultery. They support loving relationships between a husband and wife. They oppose stealing, bad language and the use of illicit drugs. They believe in God. They believe in taking time to read the Bible.

I thought some of the responses were a little harsh considering the OP didn’t suggest they were interested in learning about JW theology or practicing that faith. Probably just wanting a bit of clarity on something they were exposed to as a child.I took it like someone was wondering what you would see if you happened to be present during a JW meeting.

I’ve wondered the same thing about Mormon, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist gatherings as well. Doesn’t mean I have an interest in practicing those faiths, just that there’s curiosity about how people choose to practice their faith.



Most human beings support those concepts, disregarding whatever religions they partake in. The theological differences between Catholicism and Jehovah’s witnesses should be enough to make both parties wary of each other.

Shared beliefs regarding stealing and bad language will certainly not negate the unease one may feel when he finds that the signature beliefs of a group are fundamentally different from those of his own.

Virtually every moral code which has ever existed (any one worth a damn) has supported those same sentiments which you wrote of (the last one being the exception). But it does not follow that all of these people have had the same spiritual beliefs. Not even close. But yes, of course their ARE SOME similarities. They believe that Jesus was/is the Savior. At least I think…right? So we share what I would call the most important Doctorine with us. But the similarities pretty much end there.

They don’t believe Jesus was divine, though. They don’t believe in the Holy Trinity.

Thank you, church soldier.

Lol so much negative comments… Have any of you been to a Jw meeting Before? Some of you chose to answer the question by speaking about JW beliefs which doesn’t really answer the question…

Issa87 as you know Jehovah’s Witnesses hold meetings for worship twice each week. At these meetings, we examine what the Bible says and how we can apply its teachings in our life. Most of our services include audience participation, much like a classroom discussion. Meetings begin and end with song and prayer.

Most youngsters go to meeting and find it boring I remember I felt the same when I was younger but now that I’m older i understand things so much more better than before makes me appreciate it more now. I’m not here to debate about our differences in beliefs but if you really want to know why we believe in what we do then I would be glad to answer you using your Bible since many claim that we have our own Bible

Most youngsters go to meeting and find it boring I remember I felt the same when I was younger but now that I’m older i understand things so much more better than before makes me appreciate it more now. I’m not here to debate about our differences in beliefs but if you really want to know why we believe in what we do then I would be glad to answer you using your Bible since many claim that we have our own Bible

I don’t know where you getting your beliefs or understanding of Jehovah’s Witnesses but whatever you have been told, whatever you have heard or read it doesn’t seem to be true… You say many of our beliefs are unscriptural, have you personally studied our beliefs along with your own copy of the Bible to be able to say that? You say we wrote our own version of the scriptures, but what if I was able to show you that what we believe is written in your own version of the Bible would you still believe that we have our own Bible? You say we tend to be a very closed group and that we not very welcoming, have you been to a Jw meeting before that makes you say that, or is it just based upon your own judgment?

A question I always ask myself about someone else’s beliefs is why do they believe what they do where in the Bible does it support there believe does it correspond with the rest of the Bible… If it does one should have no reason not to believe then. But that’s how I look at things I’m a curious person I like to know things, that’s the reason I’m here to learn about Catholics beliefs not just listening to what other people tell me about it, or reading it off from the Internet or from links that other people gave me… But then again a other person will just be more naive and gullible than the next and will be more of a close minded person. At the end of the day we should be able to sit together at the same table and share each other’s beliefs without been looked down upon

If you are truly interested in what Catholics believe then you should probably start a thread with that as the topic. I’m sure you would get lots of participation. The topic of this thread is pretty limiting and I think we have learned what you do at a JW meeting. My only question would be - do you consider this “worship”?



JWs have a week day meeting in which they go over up coming Awake and Watchtower magazines and how to distribute them. They also have their ministry school on their door to door work. On Sundays their is a talk given usually by a guest member then the Watchtower study. During the Watchtower study, members participate by answering questions.

I have 100+ WT, Bible Student books some over 100 yrs old . Love the Rutherford oldie with the pen & ink drawing of Jesus Christ on the Cross as well as a Christmas poem…

Can you tell me about the Bible the WTBTS printed "The Bible in Living English (C. 1972 w/ total printing as of 1981 = 225,000) "? Do you have it, allowed to buy it, been reprinted? Why/Why not? Can you tell me how the TBILE differs from NWT (remember BOTH promoted & printed by WTBTS)?

Next, compare them to (New Testament) “The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures” (purple jacket). I have a select list of scriptures WTBTS has printed opposite views (huge example= Jn 1:1) When comparing several scriptures in these 3 books, due to wording, meanings are drastically altered.

I haven’t depended on anything but my own resources to see what WTBTS has said & how it has changed the Truth; That’s proof enough for me :thumbsup:

That doesn’t answer any of what I said… Why don’t you take the time to study the Bible? It’s best to invest that energy an time on studying on what you believe an see what the Bible says forget about everything else… You studying a religion u know very little about bringing things of a 100 years ago… What you telling me I know already… Bibles always change… I mean u get a king James version an then u get a new King James version… Why? It’s to keep up with the English used at the present time… So that people can easily understand it when they read it… Do people speak English the way they did in 1972? Imagine reading something in a language u won’t understand… Yes you have a select number of scriptures an that’s the same scriptures what everyone else has… The amazing thing is sometimes how we use your own Bible’s to show u things u never knew… Then u can’t say the Bible has been changed… So if u want to have a Bible discussion on why we belief in things we do we can I’ll gladly show u from ur own Bible, an then u can show me from ur Bible that’s how we measure truth

The Watchtower magazine they study from is much different than the one they hand out

The study magazine is in lesson format with questions at the end of. each lesson much like a school book.

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