What do you do at Bible studies?


I’ve never been to one before and i might go to one sometime. Just wondering what you do at a bible study.


Most bible studies involve discussions of a passage from the bible chosen beforehand. Generally, people have prepared for the study by reading the passage and answering some questions from a study guide. Some of the questions are factual. Other questions ask how you might apply the passage to your daily life. Yet others focus on your thoughts or feelings about what someone said or did in the bible passage.

Another form of bible study involves a lecture by someone, either a priest or knowledgeable lay person, with the opportunity to ask questions.


There are many different Catholic bible studies. Whatever you do make sure that you go to a Catholic bible study. So called non-Denominational bible studies are actually a way to proselytize.

There are some online-Catholic bible studies, such as Scott Hahn’s website, or Catholic Scripture study at www.cssprogram.net On the CSS website there is a link that you can click on that will show you where classes may already be going on in your area.


I’m attending a 20 week study on Revelation, we’re using the CSS program. Our study materials were written by Dr. Scott Hahn, so it’s quality stuff. Basically we get a section of revelation to read at home, then we read Dr. Hahn’s thoughts and answer a series of questions about it.

In class, we then hear the reading (again), break into small groups and discuss our answers to the questions. We also bring up our own and hash them out in small group. I’d say it’s well worth your time, and even money if they ask for some. I paid $42 each for my Fiance and I, it’s well worth every cent and an hour each week.


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