What do you do for fun?


Right now I’m at a baseball game. What do you do for fun?


Go on CAF?


Preach the Gospel according to GC


Watch a lot of true crime, go to rock shows, sometimes I drink beer but haven’t felt like it lately.
This weekend I’m hoping to go to the state Fair and a Presidential museum.


Go on CAF, play app games, play video games, go on YouTube, go on walks, and read. Lately, I’ve been doing more Internet-based stuff because other stuff requires large chunks of time for myself.


Sit very still because the cats want to nap. I may pray all four mysteries of the rosary, pray the LOTH, or occasionally watch old DVDs which only requires my hand to use the clicker to turn on or off. The cats prefer the rosary. When they are awake and sitting on the patio, I am allowed free time on CAF.


Read, bicycle, genealogy, garden, try new restaurants, attend the symphony, travel, films, cook new things.


Go on CAF, go on YouTube, artwork, making props from movies/TV/games, black smithing, go to rock and metal shows. I’m also in two Star Wars costuming clubs; the 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs. We visit kids in hospitals, do charity events and comic conventions and that takes up the majority of my free time.



I haven’t had fun for 2 1/2 years


You’ve been reading too many of my posts then :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I waste away on CAF.


Pogo stick. Watch movies.


They had that one horror game based on Furbies.


Lift weights, play rugby and American football, read…


I like to read too.


Then comes college and work. Everything else falls by the wayside…


At least it gives you something to do while you exist.


I exist to work…


Very good, comrade.

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