What do you do if a priest betrays your trust?

What’s the right thing to do if a trusted priest friend betrayed your trust? Shared something that was mentioned about himself.

It depends on the circumstances under which you gave him information that he illegitimately passed on. If he divulged anything told him under the sacramental seal of confession, or if he illegitimately divulged something told him during a formal counseling session, then you should report it to his bishop. If it was instead something told to him in his capacity as a friend, then you should simply acknowledge to yourself that he can’t be trusted with friendly confidences and not confide in him as a friend in the future.

If you think you can do so in a constructive manner, you might tell him, in a gentle and respectful way, that you were disappointed that he did not keep your confidence. You might also politely suggest to him that he be more careful in the future (if for no other reason than to guard against more serious breeches of confidence, such as those confidences covered by professional ethics and the sacramental seal).

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