What do you do if there's no tabernacle?


The place I attend doesn’t have a tabernacle in the building. Should I still genuflect or simply bow towards the altar?


If Christ isn’t present in the Eucharist, I don’t think that genuflection is required. A bow towards the altar is all that is necessary. Where does your church keep the consecrated hosts?


Off in a little prayer chapel in a different building. Mass is held on campus in the chapel, but it’s a school building rather than one belonging to the parish. Hence the lack of a tabernacle on location.


If the Blessed Sacrament isn’t present you simply bow to the altar. Genuflection is reserved for the Blessed Sacrament and, on Good Friday, the Cross.


I was going to suggest finding a different church until I read your follow-up. :smiley:


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I remember my old pastor questioning me on Good Friday one year when I was much younger. I genuflected as I normally did, and he asked “Why are you genuflecting? Jesus is not there.” The cross was still there, but it was covered by a drape.


Ah, but when it’s covered by a drape, before the unveiling, it’s to be considered absent.

The only reason to cover it with a drape is that it can’t be physically removed.

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