What do you do in this situation? o_O

Let me first start off by saying, yes I did read the threads about file sharing, but no they didnt specifically address my issue. So what is my issue, here we goes:

So I love jrock, jpop, and kpop (japanese rock, japanese pop, and korean pop) but, its not really sold in the USA where I live. Sometimes you can find it in small amounts on itunes or Zune marketplace, but not much. The fact of the matter is this, if I want to listen to my japanese music, I have no choice but to download it for free online. That is the only practical way to get the music I enjoy. But thats theft right? My friends and I have downloaded tons of albums by our favorite visual kei/jrock bands because they done sell this in the USA. So America is not the target market for the Japanese music industry obviously. What does it matter if we download jrock for free then? We cant be hurting much revenue. Another thing is that we can actually buy jrock and kpop CD's online from Japanese websites like cdjapan.com but the problem with them is this...and please hear me out, they will charge over $20 for a 2 song Single....or sometimes up to $30 for a maxi single with 3 songs on it. (thats $10 a song) Who in the right ming would even buy that? They say it supports the artist, but gosh....thats taking it waay to far.

Im sorry for my long rambling about this topic, but if you can, please give me some info on what I can do? Once a jrocker, always a jrocker, that cant be changed, I neeed my music, but am I sinning in downloading it?

I used to buy J-Rock and J-Pop albums when my mall carried them, then when they stopped I switched to ordering online. But I think that downloading for free is stealing. Goods in Japan do cost a lot of money, and for that reason many Japanese people shop for such goods at secondhand stores.
This site has many albums for the lowest prices I’ve seen online. You could also try looking around for stores online that carry used albums, and use Google’s shopping search engine to compare prices.

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