What do you do on Sundays after attending Mass? Before and after the corona?

I want to make a youtube video about Sundays (my self-care routine) but I want to know what other Catholics usually spend their Sunday afternoons and evenings doing. I know it’s different for everyone based on their state in life but I’m still curious to know.

Before the corona I know most young people from my parish would hang out with friends or family, get a bite to eat and talk. Now that I can’t attend Mass in person, I watch it being streamed live online at around 10 AM, I usually just have lunch with my family, spend time online, do some of my personal care (like facials and my nails) and talk on the phone with my friends.

What did you do on Sundays after attending Mass before the corona situation and what do you do now?

I know the topic of working during Sundays is touchy…nowadays it’s hard to find a job that allows you to have Sundays off so I understand.

Both before and after, I read and listen to music

I like to go out to an Italian restaurant with my mom and grandparents after mass :slight_smile:

Before C-19 – come home, eat a light lunch, and take a nap.

Now the parish is divided alphabetically among four weekend Masses. Our assigned Mass is the Saturday Vigil; after that, we come home, eat dinner, and watch some TV or a streaming movie / DVD.


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