What do you do to try and offer up the Holy Mass the best you can?


My dear friends
What are things you do to offer up Holy Mass as well as you can. Given that mass and holy communion are the most important things in our spiritual life is it important for you? What do you do to do it as best you can? I’ve learnt several things that can be done over the years but want to hear from you.
So let’s share our tips and tricks to offer Holy Mass and make a good holy communion.
God bless you and Mary keep you, on this her birthday:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I pray “God the Father, I offer this mystical Crucifixion, through the Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from the fires of hell, to sanctify us with the fire of the Holy Ghost, to release the souls in Purgatory, to heal the suffering, to crush the serpent’s head beneath our feet, to shepherd and bless the Pope, the Bishops, the Priests, the holy Catholic Church and our persecutors. Amen”

with Communion, this past weekend I have started to pray “God the Father, I offer this holy Communion in honour of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and in reparation to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus for all the offences of mankind” (or the Immaculate Heart of Mary or the Trinity)


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Dear John Russell Jr,

When I was young someone told me that it is at Mass/Liturgy where Heaven and Earth meet. So every time I go to Liturgy I realize I am meeting my Maker and I try to prepare for that meeting accordingly and will try to leave having learned something of my Maker to take with me untill the next time I meet Him.

Thank you for posting this very reflective post. I look forward to hearing what others have learned over the years and then refine what I have learned to do.


great thread idea :slight_smile:

I try to offer my Communions in the way St Louis de Montfort recommends…

I ask Our Lady to prepare me for receiving Jesus, and then I ask her to receive Him with me, and to help me love Him with all my heart…

here is what De Montfort recommends:

Before Holy Communion *

    1. Place yourself humbly in the presence of God. 2) Renounce your corrupt nature and dispositions, no matter how good self-love makes them appear to you. 3) Renew your consecration saying, “I belong entirely to you, dear Mother, and all that I have is yours.” 4) Implore Mary to lend you her heart so that you may receive her Son with her dispositions. Remind her that her Son’s glory requires that he should not come into a heart so sullied and fickle as your own, which could not fail to diminish his glory and might cause him to leave. Tell her that if she will take up her abode in you to receive her Son - which she can do because of the sovereignty she has over all hearts - he will be received by her in a perfect manner without danger of being affronted or being forced to depart.“God is in the midst of her. She shall not be moved.” Tell her with confidence that all you have given her of your possessions is little enough to honour her, but that in Holy Communion you wish to give her the same gifts as the eternal Father gave her. Thus she will feel more honoured than if you gave her all the wealth in the world. Tell her, finally, that Jesus, whose love for her is unique, still wishes to take his delight and his repose in her even in your soul, even though it is poorer and less clean than the stable which he readily entered because she was there. Beg her to lend you her heart, saying, “O Mary, I take you for my all; give me your heart.”

*During Holy Communion *

  1. After the Our Father, when you are about to receive our Lord, say to him three times the prayer, “Lord, I am not worthy.” Say it the first time as if you were telling the eternal Father that because of your evil thoughts and your ingratitude to such a good Father, you are unworthy to receive his only-begotten Son, but that here is Mary, his handmaid, who acts for you and whose presence gives you a special confidence and hope in him.

  2. Say to God the Son, “Lord, I am not worthy”, meaning that you are not worthy to receive him because of your useless and evil words and your carelessness in his service, but nevertheless you ask him to have pity on you because you are going to usher him into the house of his Mother and yours, and you will not let him go until he has made it his home. Implore him to rise and come to the place of his repose and the ark of his sanctification. Tell him that you have no faith in your own merits, strength and preparedness, like Esau, but only in Mary, your Mother, just as Jacob had trust in Rebecca his mother. Tell him that although you are a great sinner you still presume to approach him, supported by his holy Mother and adorned with her merits and virtues.

  3. Say to the Holy Spirit, “Lord, I am not worthy”. Tell him that you are not worthy to receive the masterpiece of his love because of your lukewarmness, wickedness and resistance to his inspirations. But, nonetheless, you put all your confidence in Mary, his faithful Spouse, and say with St. Bernard, “She is my greatest safeguard, the whole foundation of my hope.” Beg him to overshadow Mary, his inseparable Spouse, once again. Her womb is as pure and her heart as ardent as ever. Tell him that if he does not enter your soul neither Jesus nor Mary will be formed there nor will it be a worthy dwelling for them.

*After Holy Communion *

  1. After Holy Communion, close your eyes and recollect yourself. Then usher Jesus into the heart of Mary: you are giving him to his Mother who will receive him with great love and give him the place of honour, adore him profoundly, show him perfect love, embrace him intimately in spirit and in truth, and perform many offices for him of which we, in our ignorance, would know nothing.

  2. Or, maintain a profoundly humble heart in the presence of Jesus dwelling in Mary. Or be in attendance like a slave at the gate of the royal palace, where the King is speaking with the Queen. While they are talking to each other, with no need of you, go in spirit to heaven and to the whole world, and call upon all creatures to thank, adore and love Jesus and Mary for you. “Come, let us adore.”

  3. Or, ask Jesus living in Mary that his kingdom may come upon earth through his holy Mother. Ask for divine Wisdom, divine love, the forgiveness of your sins, or any other grace, but always through Mary and in Mary. Cast a look of reproach upon yourself and say, “Lord, do not look at my sins, let your eyes see nothing in me but the virtues and merits of Mary.” Remembering your sins, you may add, “I am my own worst enemy and I am guilty of all these sins.” Or, “Deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man.” Or again, “Dear Jesus, you must increase in my soul and I must decrease.” “Mary, you must increase in me and I must always go on decreasing.” “O Jesus and Mary, increase in me and increase in others around me.”

  4. There are innumerable other thoughts with which the Holy Spirit will inspire you, which he will make yours if you are thoroughly recollected and mortified, and constantly faithful to the great and sublime devotion which I have been teaching you. But remember, the more you let Mary act in your Communion the more Jesus will be glorified. The more you humble yourself and listen to Jesus and Mary in peace and silence - with no desire to see, taste or feel - then the more freedom you will give to Mary to act in Jesus’ name and the more Jesus will act in Mary. For the just man lives everywhere by faith, but especially in Holy Communion, which is an action of faith.

When I want to offer my Communion for an intention, I tell this to God, and I also try to do this through Our Blessed Mother and with her intercession…

but I have to say that I don’t do this half as well as I should, and I definitely need more recollection :frowning:

God bless


My dear friends

Thank you for great posts. I got some good ideas.

A few things I do are try to concentrate very hard often leaving my eyes closed to concentrate better. Make the confiteor very well at the start. Concentrate hard on the readings and respones. I imagine calvary taking place in the consecration and all of heaven being present. I say the prayer St Michael the Archangel taught the seers at Fatima in the elevation and many petitions too. I try to concentrate hard all through Mass. I make spiritual communions to increase my desire for holy communion. I pray to everyone to help me make a good holy communion, all angels and saints. I try hard to make the best holy communion and thanksgiving I can. I try very hard to really love the Holy Trinity in my holy communion because I think this is the greatest moment a human can have and the most intimate experience we can have with God. We are in heaven at this time, and heaven is in us. I do a few other things to try and offer up the Holy Mass and participate the best I can. God wants love and I try to put a lot of this into it even if I feel little love.

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:





My dear friends

A few of you have posted great thoughts on ways to offer up the Holy Mass. I have read a fair bit and intend to read more. Thank you.

A prayer I love at Mass is the prayer we pray with all the choirs of Angels - holy, holy, holy Lord…
I love this prayer. It’s the prayer the angelic choirs pray without ceasing. I like to pray this prayer fairly quickly. Not to get it over with but because of enthusiasm. If the prayer is slow I find it hard to imbue it with enthusiasm. It’s disjointed too. I understand my parish priests desire to do things very well, but whilst we must have a great deal of reverence and respect in mass I think prayer should come from the heart and flow with vibrancy and enthusiasm. It feels artificial at my parish. But I’m just 1 opinion in a billion. What do you think?

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Dear John Russell Jr

My brother and husband made that observation about the parish we belong to and another one of the same Rite. Our parish does sing our prayers and hyms at a faster tempo and like you said it does fill and overflow the heart with reverence, vibrancy, and enthusiasm that one is able to take with them untill the next time. Remembering this helps me get through the week with reverence, vibrancy, and enthusiasm for the Life that God gave me.

You should hear the way our parish sings the “Our Father” you really do have the sense that the whole church has been lifted up to a higher level every time.

Thank you for sharring.


My dear friend

Music be it sacred or other lights up the whole of our brain and tickles the ear drums. It’s wonderful. I have a terrible voice but absolutely love music. I listen to a lot of music ad offer it as prayer, I pray in various ways whilst listening too. The music just has to be a type that is non offensive and the words non offensive too. I dedicate it to our Lady etc andn offer the song to them if the words are pleasing. Music is really great.

Thank you for sharing too.

God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Hi John. I very often close my eyes… in order to focus better on what is being said. I do this, especially during the Liturgy of the Word… when God is speaking to us.

It’s sometimes very difficult, (especially at Sunday Mass… when many small children are present)… to concentrate. I find that the distractions are greatly diminished if my eyes are closed.

God bless.


Dear Marie

So true. Thank you for sharing this. We should be able to open our eyes and see and say now this is catholc- beautiful church, sacred art, symbolism, vestments, incense and everything inspiring a profound sense of the sacred pleasing to all our senses causing us to lift our hearts and minds in praise and adoration as we worship, adore and petition God in this reat act of ;love whereby He offers Himsef up for us in the sacrifice of calvary made present on our altar, amidst all of Heaven in our church. I long for the day when all our churches reflect much better what we see in Rome. This should be our goal. God deserves the very best and we should give it to Him.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I agree, my friend. Very well said! :thumbsup: Thankfully, I believe the Church is beginning to return to the reverence of old. I think we’re moving past the hideous “new ideas” of the 60’s and 70’s… which removed so much of the solemnity and sacred beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

But, until then… I sometimes close my physical eyes… so that the eyes of my soul are more easily attuned to the Word. I guess it shows how far I still have to go on my own journey.

Please pray for me. God bless.


I should ask for your prayers dear Marie.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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