What do you do when someone physically tries to take the blessed sacrament from you?


What do you do when someone physically tries to take the blessed sacrament from you and takes your pyxs? (She eventually gave the pyxs back). I was so sorrowful…I think she may have damaged the host when she tried to grab it from my hand. The person who it was intended for was able to receive the communion though thank God…to the other woman’s dismay. :slight_smile:



Without further information, no one can really offer any feedback.


So the woman who grabbed it was trying to prevent you from giving it to the woman who wanted to receive it? Was this in a hospital, or a private home?


The person to receive was an excellent standing Catholic the person who grabbed the host and took my pyx was not Catholic and I am Catholic and was given permission from the church to give the communion and I am an Extra Ordinary Minister. So please let me know what further information is needed? I hope that you did not assume anything less :confused:


I apologize for the way my post might have sounded. I most certainly didn’t assume anything negative about you. :o

What I meant was, were you at Mass, providing the Blessed Sacrament to the infirm elsewhere, etc. That way if would have been easier to provide you with an answer.


I am very interested in your story. but as the first commenter indicated, you need to supply a few more details.

For example; At a certain time and place, of occurance, I received a host for redistribution of X reason, then X party, for X reason, known or unknown, at X location, did take the following action against myself and…etc. etc. etc.


I agree with grasscutter - more information is really necessary …

Why would a person try to stop you?

Are they anti-Catholic and just interferring?
Was there a reason the person receiving should not have - ie … gluten allergy, restricted diet due to impending surgery or other health reason - that was just not communicated appropriately to you?
Was there familial objection to your presence with the person receiving?

Was this just a major misunderstanding that ended poorly?


Grasscutter didn’t meant anything bad by asking. I was going to ask the same thing. I can’t imagine what situation would make a person try to grab the host especially when she is not Catholic. I would assume the woman was a little off to do such an odd thing. The answer is; fight back. It’s your job to protect the host. I bet this never happens to you again.


True statement : Are they anti-Catholic and just interfering?

The receiver is my son and the woman was his step mother :blush: more info than I really wanted to share.


If you were working for the parish in this instance, you ought to speak to the parish priest about this.
Otherwise, you might consult with a lawyer about this if you want to know what could be done so it won’t be repeated. An initial consultation with a lawyer ought to be inexpensive, when he goes over the legal ins and outs of your continuing… One legal possibility–getting an order of protection from the court. Of course, if he is a minor and she is his legal guardian, that would be an important factor.


Right I hope that it does not and maybe she will have a Paul like conversion where Jesus says “why do you persecute me?”. I really was so sorrowful I had images of Jesus’ clothes being torn from him and it still brings to mind Jesus being whipped during the passion of Christ. Please keep us in your prayers.


I am so sorry that you had this experience. And I do get that we don’t always want to provide personal details about issues that we have questions about. If I may (pretty much all I can do anyway), I will pray for you, your son and all those involved. :gopray2:


mdgspencer, she is not a legal guardian and I pray she never will be. I cannot afford an attorney.


Thank you. My son was very distraught over this too. He is only 8 and he was yelling “no no stop”.


You may want to include more details for me to be able to answer.


It is curious as to why you were taking Communion to your 8 year old son …

Was he sick and unable to attend Mass …

Is his Father Catholic? Did this happen at the home of your ex and his new wife?

Did you go to your ex-husbands home to bring the child communion at of a necessity due to illness - if not why did you bring Communion …

It seems to me that there is far more to this situation.

Mixed marriages are hard - Catholic and Non Catholic … harder yet might be practicing Catholic and a non-practicing catholic.

Divorce is hard on families - Divorce and re-marriage is harder …

This seems to me [on the minimal information provided] to be a power struggle with your ex and his new wife …sadly with your Son and our Lord as Chess pieces on the board … :frowning:


Avoid the situation in the first place. In future, ensure your privacy when providing communion to a recipient.


I had permission from the church to minister my son communion today (the only day I ever asked because of special circumstances). My son’s dad was atheist and his new wife converted him to non-denominational and they are both now very anti-Catholic (come to find out). Any how there is NO good reason for a anyone to take a host or pyx from me if it is not intended for them.

His dad wanted my older two children to make their baptismal vows today…(I was only invited last minute because my children found out that I had not been invited and were upset about it). I thought it would be wonderful to bring my son Holy Communion (he would like to go to church everyday but obviously cannot so I knew how much it would mean to him if I brought him the Host). Before the baptismal vows I told my children what I had brought and that after they come out of the baptismal chamber they may come to me and I will bless my other younger children and let my 8 year old receive communion. They lit up with joy that I had come and brought them the body of Christ.

This was an innocent and honest gesture of love that I was doing for God and my children. The church allows their own communion once a month so the church itself is not anti-communion. There was no reason for me to believe that the step-mom would lash out so blatantly inappropriate…Thou Shalt Not Steal. She has otherwise been mostly cordial with the children and me. I was sorrowful…my initial expression was probably more of horrified and the fact that she took the pyx did not even register until after she returned it. After she tried to take the body and the initial shock was over I was very stern saying you cannot take this it belongs to me…while my son was yelling no no stop (his dad was trying to physically restrain him from receiving the host). I wish I would have said something much better : ( Why Lord did I not have the righteous words I needed?

She started to text me afterwards accusing me of sorts of miss deeds, but she stopped mid sentence before she was about to blame me for my son’s out cry “… and force [my son’s name] who with multiple witnesses asked y”. Surely the Lord intervened.

If anyone knows an attorney who might want to advise me in our situation, please let me know. Please prayers are very much appreciated.



Are you older children not already Catholic… only your 8 year old?

Also, what are you hoping to need a lawyer for? If you are pressing charges over the pyxs stealing instance, the public prosecutor would be dealing with that side of things wouldn’t it?


My 8 year old is the oldest and all three of my children are Catholic.

Someone on this forum suggested to talk to an attorney…The attorney to ask what my rights are and what I can do such that the step mother will not take our religious possessions from us and be destructive (physically) to our religious beliefs. I am also concerned that the ex wants to go back to court to try to take the children away from me again. The step mom also has occasional spoken disparaging (very unreasonably) toward me in front of my children…I would like that to stop. It is called alienation to speak disparagingly about another parent to the child…like calling them names. My ex has also been repeatedly inappropriate in calling me names and making harassing false accusations against me in email. He has also discipline the children inappropriately (wrapping a rubber-band around a 3 yr olds legs at night and popping him with the rubber-band to the point of fear of rubber-bands cause he didn’t eat all his peas at dinner is inappropriate and caused him irrational fear of rubber-bands).

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