What do you do when you come across content online?


I’m sure its commonplace for others to come across inappropriate comments, or other insults to God online (I just happened to read a comic that poked fun at the second coming of Christ, not happy that I read it and I’m hoping it wasn’t a sin. I kinda saw a reference to Christianity coming, but right when I read it I was offended and didn’t think it was funny.) Seeing things like this even with internet filters really annoys me, and I’m just looking for how others deal with it. I either scroll fast or close the page, trying not to dwell. Don’t you just love living in an sinfully tainted world?


If I come across something offensive I tend to do the same thing you do - Scroll fast and avert my eyes. I sometimes hold up my hand to cover as well if it’s something I really don’t want to see. You just have to be careful where you go. It makes me so sad to see insults against God and Christianity like that.


There wasn’t any sin in your reading those inappropriate comments. Your heart rejected them. There would be sin in you if you read the inappropriate jokes because you enjoyed them. This would be treating God very lightly. But your heart was angry and that is the appropriate reaction to Internet trash like that. You weren’t reading it to enjoy seeing Christianity attacked. That makes a huge difference.


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