What do you do when you read the Bible?


What are some things (like study methods) that you do when reading the Bible?


I do my daily reading as it should be done. Aside from that if I am just sitting around in quiet contemplation I usually come up with questions or some topic. I then go search for the answer. Right now I’m reading the Gospels so I can better understand the parallels and the differences. It s really fun.


One of my favorites (and I haven’t done this in a while) is 5-10 minutes in the morning before leaving for work. Gives me something to think about during the day.


First, pray. When I get down into the study, I think it depends on the type of literature that I am reading. But generally, if possible, I like to read a book in its entirety(in a single sitting if possible) first to kind of get a bead on the flow of the book. This works great particularly with the epistles and gospels since they tend to be shorter than many of the Old Testament books. Then I like to go through passage by passage. When taking up a new section, I try to review what came immediately before and after, so that I understand why the author is saying what he is saying in that particular passage. I also like to pay close attention to anything that is repeated (repetition is a big clue as to the emphasis and point of the author), or expounded (Psalms and proverbs and even prophetic literature tends to say something and then amplify or to make contrasting statements to make a point). Sometimes its a good practice to make an outline of the passage two, especially with Paul’s epistles since he seems to be much more linear in his thinking than John for example.


I always have the Catechism of the Catholic Church close at hand.


Lectio Divina


I like to burn incense. It keeps me in a calm state of mind, which makes it easier for me to concentrate.


I’m an underliner -
I use a assortment of colored pens.
Various colors mean different things.
Sometimes I will circle a scripture - if it’s important !
I buy a new bible every three years -

I also read aloud - when I can.
I listen to YouTube - as they - recite a specific bible book too.
There’s got to be 30 books - under 20 minutes.

I have memorized the order of all the books too.

Etc - things like that.


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