What do you do when you reconcile with your ex-husband?

My husband and I divorced seven years ago. We have reconciled and are now living together again. What is the Catholic view on this? We have not remarried.

The Catholic Church views civil divorce as a form of legal separation. It does not sever the sacramental marriage bond, so you are still married in the eyes of the Church. Since you and your husband have been able to restore common life, what you should do is to repair your marriage in the eyes of the state and become legally married. You can do this with a civil marriage before a judge or justice of the peace. While you need not do anything to “remarry” in the Church, it can be a cause for scandal for those who are not legally married to live together and that is one reason why you should fix your marital status in the legal sense. (Of course, there are also other, civil benefits to legal marriage to consider also.)

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