what do you do when...

someone tells your they are catholic but they pick and choose certain parts of what they do…

do you, not pass judgement?


reprove them and tell them that its impossible to be catholic with picking and choosing what to believe?

Tell the person warmly and gently that a Catholic holds the true Faith in his heart whole and entire and professes it. Tell the person that he can not pick and choose which doctrines he believes and still consider himself Catholic. God bless you.

Those would be called “cafeteria Catholics”, and a catholic who pick’s and chooses what they want to believe cannot be a faithful catholic. You should tell them the truth, that they must accept and acknowledge and obey (even though we have weakness and tend to fall into sin, such as myself) all of the church’s teachings.

You can never judge anyone’s heart. That is up to God only. So we cannot judge how personally responsible a person is for doing this or that. But we certainly can and should judge objective truth and morality. And as a fellow Catholic, you can charitably remind this person of what we believe- perhaps give them a copy of the catechism or print out the related passages.

I think there’s a middle ground here. I might be inclined to talk with the person and ask them to say more about their beliefs. If they really are out of synch with the Church I might say something about what the Church teaches on the subject and ask them why they think that’s wrong. I don’t think it works to simply tell someone “you’re wrong.” But a real sharing of ideas may change minds.

Don’t pass judgment. :thumbsup:

I have no business passing judgement on anyone. No one does.

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