What do you do with Communion crumbs?

I think that I did something wrong when I went to Communion today. I receive the host in my hand and usually I try to pick up all the crumbs from my hand. However, today when I received, a big crumb remained and I tried to catch it but it fell. I didn’t fully realize it until it was too late. Did I do something wrong? Should I go to confession? I feel as if I had been disrespectful to our Lord.

You did the best you could, so try not to worry. You didn’t sin. It sounds though that the parish is using hosts that are too crumbly. I recommend letting the pastor know of this and suggesting that standard Communion wafers, which are not crumbly, be used. If he is unreceptive to the problem, write to the bishop. In the meantime, I recommend that you consider receiving the Eucharist on your tongue.

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