What do you do with your Catholic materials/articles?

I’m just curious to know what do you do with your Catholic materials, articles, and so forth after you are done with them? Do you keep them or give them away?

I give them to family, friends, and whoever I think “needs” them or I donate them (books, pamphlets, prayers, etc.) to the Church.

I had other Catholic material that was sent to me by different religious orders: Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, Sisters of the Child Jesus, the Visitation order, Poor Clares, etc. I copied and saved all the material down than I sent it back to them.

Two years ago, I had over 100 Rosaries (which were given to me at a Shrine I attend with my family practically every summer or on Our Lady’s Birthday) I gave them to family, friends, and I sent the rest along with “How to say the Rosary” pamphlets and Prayer cards to a Sister who sent them to prisioners.

It’s not that I don’t want them or need them it’s just if someone else needs them by all means…:smiley:

God bless,

evangelize with them.
I always have a few spare rosaries and holy cards, and it is amazing how often the right opportunity to give them away arises, not just in my job which would be natural, but all around town. Find out if there is a group in your parish or diocese doing outreach and ministry who could use them, start with your CCD director. We inhale rosaries and holy cards and such. We use the Catholic magazines, I share the good articles with the catechists, and save the pictures for CCD craft projects. Children have used them recently for
Mass flash cards and booklets
Sacrament flash cards and booklets
Works of mercy posters
People in the Church posters
Saint projects
Why I am Catholic collage
Jesus builds a Church posters
greeting cards

I share them with others in hope that they will come to know Jesus. If I don’t pass them on directly, then I use them in the crafty gifts I like to make. Great way of sharing the Word.

What would you do with old Catholic song/worship books? Would you recycle them? They were donated by the Church. I don’t want to toss them but there is no room for them.

Old Holy candles? Some of my family members use them as a “collection jar” and some have put flowers in them to put on people’s graves.

Check with your RCIA director. One session during the year I was in RCIA we were treated to a table-full of Catholic articles and books and magazines that the office had accumulated and had no more room to store. Perhaps other RCIA groups would be interested in a similar “give-away”.

Our parish has an annual rummage sale and devotional objects, rosaries, and pictures are very popular. I suspect some items re-circulate year after year, however! :wink:

You might also inquire about Catholic patients in hospitals and nursing homes who might be interested, in rosaries especially. Small picture and small statues might be very welcome, along with prayer pamphlets.

One of my favorite adoration chapels has a basket of rosaries and scapulars “free to a good home.”

I put them on a table out in the church lobby for other people to take

Although I am not a hoarder, I have a drawer full of these things, and I don’t know why:confused: I am hesitant to part with religious articles for some reason, although I will give some of them to people if I think it will help them. I have a collection of Holy Cards that I won’t part with because they are from funerals, but I take them to Mass when I take the young grandchildren because they like to look at them and it keeps them from fidgeting too much. I’d rather they look at pictures of Jesus and Mary and the Saints than bring a toy. But the rest of the stuff I hang on to because I don’t know why…Maybe it’s because I don’t hang on to much of anything else and this is my secret vice;)

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