What do you enjoy or look forward to?

Having a pretty hard time enjoying life or having a laugh lately. What small things are making you happy? What do you look forward to in your day?


My first cup of coffee in the morning. Seeing a new flower that may have opened in my garden. Watching my husband play hide and seek with our cat.


Watching my kitties drink their water and knowing they’re being well hydrated.

Watching the birds feast from the feeders and dunk themselves into the birdbath.

Coming out to my garden and seeing blossoms opened up that were only buds a few days previously.

Dark chocolate.

Conversing with my siblings, via phone and e-mail.

Watching the parent birds bringing food to their young in the nest boxes.

Hearing the multitude of bird song and calls in the trees.


My little dog. Finding a few minutes to relax with iced tea and a book. The evening breeze.


I look forward to talking to my boyfriend, for the time when I can go back to mass, for times where I can squeeze in a bit of reading time, and for my small moments of rest and peace at the end of the day.

I thank the Lord for every piece of peace and feeling of love I experience throughout the day.


Lucky pampered kitty.

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I look forward to reading, seeing my pets and praying to God.


Do you have a favorite prayer?

Not really. I just pray for whatever the Holy Spirit puts on my heart.


My breakfast of tea and toast (with peanut butter and honey). A long walk. A nap in the afternoon. A pot of tea following the nap. A good book or three throughout. Early to bed for reading. Beer on Friday and Saturday nights. The first overnight frost in September. The snow, cold, early sunsets and short days in winter.

I’m easy to please and don’t cost much to maintain. :smiley:


Sounds like my life!:relieved:

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Lots of kitty lovers here on the forum😍


Looking forward to being healthy again. Three weeks ago I arrested on the operating table for a procedure to remove bladder stones. They got me going again with CPR, and Monday this week they successfully did the surgery. Now to heal up.


Prayers for your recovery, @EricF!

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible,
look kindly upon us, and increase your mercy in us,
that in difficult moments, we might not despair nor become despondent,
but with great confidence, submit ourselves to your holy will,
which is love and Mercy itself.


I’m looking forward to Retirement… :unamused::smoking:


Prayers for your co tinued good health

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I enjoy planning and cooking meals. I am currently caring for my parents, and I really look forward to being creative in the kitchen and coming up with new dishes for them to try. We all enjoy it, so that’s fun. I also have recently become obsessed with I Love Lucy. Used to watch the show when I was a kid, but I think I’m appreciating it even more now as an adult. It’s such an entertaining, wholesome and family-friendly sitcom. I look forward to that every evening. :slight_smile:


In the short-term? Getting home from work and having a bowl of cereal and a nap.

In the long-term? The day I propose to my girlfriend (we are currently long-distance).


Lord, we pray for Eric. You are the great physician. Please heal him quickly with no complications, and let this be a time when he draws nearer to you.


I’ve been a birder since I was a teenager and now that I’m on the cusp of retirement I still find birds endlessly fascinating. I get out at least once a week for a ‘bird walk’ and occasionally I’ll ‘chase’ a rare species. Earlier this week I went looking for a Black-bellied Whistling Duck if you can imagine such a thing. I also have a small bird garden in my backyard where I maintain a few feeders and a water feature. I enjoy the different visitors as well as the seasonal rhythm of nature as the cast of characters changes.

More recently I’ve been painting bird watercolors. This has been especially nice since it’s given me a chance to remember some of my favorite times and places. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it keeps the old mind working.

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