What do you feed a 12 month old?


I am not sure if anyone can answer my post but I really need advice on what I should be feeding my 12 (almost 13 months) month old.

Right now, he gets 4 bottles at 8 oz (sometimes more) a day, one bowl of oatmeal and one stage 2 jars of baby food (either fruit or veggies). I am trying to get him to take two stage 2 jars the last few days.

He gags and throws up (sorry for the TMI) if I give him finger foods. I just got him to start taking gerber puffs. He will gag on banana I give him but he loves the stage 2 banana.

I really want to get him off of formula but the ped I saw for his 1 year check up told me to keep him on it because it has more vitamins than milk. But what about vitamins supplements?? And anyway, he is on similac and it says to feed up to 12 months. HOWEVER I found a formula from Similac called go and grow for older babies.

Basically, I want to get him on regular food as soon as possible and I don’t know how much to give him or what to give him???

thanks in advance!!


Keep offering the finger foods and for now, I’d make sure they were very soft: avacado, ripe pears, cooked apples, cooked carrots, soft cooked pasta, rice, yogurt, etc… just keep offering and offering and offering. Let him feed himself, messy, yes, but makes learning to eat a bit easier. Make sure he eats first, bottle second. Some children just aren’t ready for solids at the time the “chart” says, so this may take a while. Some children don’t like the different texture and tastes. Keep offering and trying.


I don't think there's a magic answer. Each kid will be a little different. I have a little one that is the same age and he is still pretty much just breast feeding with the occassional bit of "real food". (It's a slow process for us ;)). We do like those Gerber puffs, though (and so does he!). He doesn't seem to like the baby food at all but only wants a bit of whatever we're eating. This is completely the opposite of what our DD was like. She would still be eating solely puréed baby food at age 3 (she hated the baby food with "chunks" in them...she always gagged on it) if we didn't force her out of it.

I say just keep trying different things. If something doesn't work right away, try something else for now and go back to it later. My wife read or heard somewhere that it can take 15 times of being presented with a specific taste or texture before a child responds favorably to it. Thus, even getting the kid to try a bite, even if he just spits it right out, is still a victory in working towards getting him used to certain foods.

It's tempting to want to push through it as quickly as possible, but there's no rush.


My son, 1 month younger, lives off of breast milk and crackers. :shrug: I would suggest trying a few different textures. James spits out mushy stuff (except bannana) and makes a face, but he loves anything that crunches. Stale pizza crust seems to be his favorite.


Don’t rush off the baby food jars if you don’t want to! Some kids just need more time before they’re used to the solid food textures!.. and if that’s the way you find is best to get him to eat fruits and veggies - GO FOR IT and don’t think twice! My oldest was so challenging when it came to fruits and veggies - but he gobbled up the baby food jars for many months after turning one - and I knew it was better than nothing!
Don’t stress about the “rules” or rushing to the next “stage”… just go with your gut (and his! ;))…


Wow, my kids hated baby food and couldn't wait to eat what we were eating. They insisted. I think at 12 months they can eat practically anything that isn't a choking hazard or isn't likely to be something they would be allergic to. I would just say use your judgement about what to give that they aren't likely to choke on it, and sit down with them while they are eating so you can do something if they start to have problems

Formula is expensive. I would ask your doctor about the vitamins. My kids pediatrician prescribed a vitamin/fluoride suplement when I lived somewhere that had well water.

Is your child underweight? If so, that might be why your doctor recommended he or she stay on formula.

Honestly, after a few months of getting my kids eating solid foods, I threw caution to the wind and just started having them eat with us. They were quite adept at it by 12 months.

  • :twocents: My three loved well cooked and cut up spaghetti with tomatoe sauce with well crumbled lean hamburger and very well cooked tiny diced onions, carrots and celery in the sauce . . . you can also puree the sauce in a blender before you pour it over the spaghetti . . . adults and older children don’t mind or notice . . . I made it for all the family and the little ones got their serving as part of the “fam” . . . :thankyou: we took some hilarious pictures of the little ones in their high chairs feeding themselves spaghetti . . .

They also loved “New England” boiled dinners . . . simmer beef until very tender (dice it up before serving to baby) with potatoes, carrots, onions and celery cooked in the lightly salted beef broth toward the end of the cooking time . . . until all were wonderfully tender . . . mash up veggies with a little broth . . . and a touch of margerine for flavor if you like . . . *yum! . . . *and again . . . :pshaw: this is another meal for the entire family . . . that baby can join in with everybody and enjoy . . . :tada: . . .

God bless!

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I nannied a little girl. She appeared to be a picky eater. At 13mo she discovered hot sauce. She ate EVERYTHING with hot sauce.

It depends on the kid. For a one year old I was taught that you let them eat what they want (within bounds, of course, no hard food, candy or cookies), give them a vitiaman and let them on their way.


My fourth baby is now 15mths old… When they started showing interest in table foods I started letting them try new things – So, now, my 15mth old pretty much eats what we eat (plus she breastfeds numerous times during the day/night). You just need to think about whether the texture would be too much for a baby with limited teeth (I don’t give her steak, but tiny bits of thinly sliced turkey lunch meat have been a real hit! :D). And although all of my kids have enjoyed “flavorful food” (with garlic and mild spices)_-- I tend to stay away from things that are too spicy.:wink:
For a 12mth old, some favorites are pasta, canned beans, cooked diced veggies, cereal, sushi (rice), pretty much whatever the rest of the family is eating…


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