What do you feel when you enter a church?

I just would like to know what people feel when they enter the church,and are in the present of God.

Most of the time, I just feel a sense of peacefulness. and quiet However, sometimes I don’t feel anything at all.

There have been a few times that I have been moved to tears at being in the presence of Jesus. I have had a few experiences where I feel that I get a sense of the Majesty of Jesus, His Greatness, His Love for me. Next to Him, I feel so small and helpless and flawed that I just get overwhelmed, and I’ve started crying. But this was only a few times. Most of the time, I don’t feel much.

I agree-- normally, nothing out of the ordinary.

On occasion, such as during a Eucharistic procession, I’ve been moved to tears. Likewise, seeing a number of priests around the altar at the consecration— that can be a very powerful feeling as well.

The interesting thing is that while church is just… church… on occasions such as Good Friday, when the tabernacle is empty, it just doesn’t feel the same when you enter, even if the Eucharist is reposing off somewhere else in the building.

So, yeah. In the presence of God? It can be hard to notice some days, especially when wrangling little kids. :wink: But when that Presence is missing? That’s way easier to feel.

I generally feel a sense of solemnity and reverence. And sometimes, like the poster ahead of me, I’m moved to tears. Which (rightly or wrongly) makes me feel terribly self-concious. :o

Peacefulness/solemnity usually.

When I enter church I feel safe and am glad to be there and if I’m about to go to Mass, I’m excited.

If I’m about to pray or go to Confession, I feel sad and guilty, but I just love being in church.

On a side note, when I enter an old, typical church, I feel appreciative and a part of a long and rich history and think to myself part of the Psalm that the priest recites at the EF:

“Domine dilexi decorum domus tuae: et locum habitationis gloriae tuae.”

So beautful and the thought that our Lord is resting there and waiting for visitors, praise :slight_smile:

Nothing much. Just the sort of quiet that makes you ask yourself, “What are you doing with your life?”

Like other posters, I’ve been moved to tears but usually only after receiving Communion. Once I cried the whole time I was in Church, the first time I went to a chapel with a huge collection of relics.

I have to admit, usually I don’t “feel” anything—I just try to quiet myself and not be distracted or unfocused at the early morning daily Masses I usually attend.

The moment I enter a church I feel safe. I know I am home and that nothing can hurth me there. I feel at peace.

I found myself when I was at St Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne, finding myself saying, “Im home”. Most of the time when I go to a Church that’s what I feel, I feel like I am in my true home, of course other than our true home with God in Heaven. I think being in a Church with the Blessed Sacrament exposed, or even simply sitting near a tabernacle, is the best place on Earth to be!!! And of course, I feel Jesus there too!!

Immensely grateful. The rest flows from there.

Just over a year ago when I became curious about the catholic faith again, a priest showed me around an empty church so that I could re-acquaint myself. When we walked in, I have never before felt such peace and so how I knew that I was in the presence of God. There was something similiar to a calmness that came over me, something that I had never experienced before. That has never left me and I often remind myself of it.

Now when I go into a church I often still feel at peace, and I always find myself being somewhat thankful for being in that place. Sometimes I just like the quietness and I feel like I can rest.


Since I work in a parish, most of the time when I walk in the church after genuflecting and offering praise to God I sort of look around and see if there is anything amiss or that needs attention. Then I can kneel or sit and pray if I am not there to do something as part of my job.

When I first walked into a Catholic Church, I felt a little fear honestly… Now I feel calm, but usually during the consecration of the body and blood I still feel “flutters”

It depends on which church I enter. Whenever I enter my own parish, which has a strong lingering scent of incense, I get a whiff of incense and I feel peaceful and like I should do something Catholic such as go to Confession, I guess. I definitely feel something different, but I’m not sure how to describe it. I’ve walked into a huge gothic style cathedral for the first time one Sunday, and when I entered the nave, I felt like I was being overtaken by something.

Whenever I enter a number of other parishes, I don’t feel anything different, but then, these parishes aren’t really what you would normally consider a Catholic church.


Anticipation. :slight_smile:

When I enter a Catholic Church, I feel as if I am standing in the River of Time. This River that rises up higher to bear me home to the Godhead, to Mary and to my family that has gone before. It is a humbling experience…every time.
Every Mass is new life for me.

I feel God’s Presense. I love going into the church where the Latin Mass is said because the lighting is turned down and the many candles are flickering and it’s quiet! I often do some of my breviary before Mass. In 1993 when I first returned to a Latin Mass, I remember thinking that grace was in the air! God’s Presense was so strong and I loved the quiet during the Canon. For this reason, I like the Low Mass the best. The Missa Cantata is beautiful on special days but the quiet during the Low Mass is so special!

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