What Do You Find Attractive About Charismatic Worship?


I converted to Catholicism at the age of thirty-three, after having been raised in an atheist household and then investigating as many different Christian denominations as I could find. One of the things that drew me to the Catholic Church was the profound sense of quiet, inner prayer and worship which I found in her, especially in the EF. I already knew from my faith journey that I was completely out of sympathy with charismatic-style worship and prayer. However, charismatic Catholicism seems to be more and more prevalent as time goes on. If there are any charismatic Catholics here, could you please explain to me what you find attractive about charismatic worship, and why you consider it to be ‘the way to go’? Thanks in advance for your time.


It is not the way to go. It is a way to go. As is contemplative, as is active. As is Marian. As is Eucharistic.

The thing about Catholicism is that for as long there is something good and holy, there is room for multiple paths.

Therefore, if the charismatic expression is not for you, it’s not for you. But as you probably don’t want people dissing your preferred spirituality, do not diss the charismatic spirituality, which is a valid, legitimate spirituality within the Catholic Church.

That said, I would have nothing to do, charismatic or otherwise, that violates the Church laws on the Liturgy. Therefore, no charismatic stuff in the Mass. But I’m perfectly fine with charismatic prayer meetings.

The charismatic movement is attractive for some because it allows for exuberant praise, a love of scripture, and a very open approach to the work of the Holy Spirit. For some it’s a stepping stone to a more quiet spirituality later in life (advancing through the mansions as it were). For others, it’s their life’s work.

That there are multiple ways within the one Catholic Church is a good thing, not a bad one. So if this is an opening towards a charismatic-bashing thread, stop it right there, just as you woudn’t want anyone to start bashing your preferred spirituality. If this isn’t an opening towards charismatic-bashing, then disregard this last comment.


I am sorry you have received the impression that this was potentially a ‘charismatic-bashing’ thread, or that I would possibly ‘diss’, as you put it, charismatic spirituality. Perhaps it was the wording I used in the thread title, or perhaps(as is equally likely) I need to polish up my English writing skills to make my intent less ambiguous. I have no desire to cast charismatic Catholic spirituality in a black light. I am honestly curious about the attraction this type of worship has for its adherents, and would like input from them on the subject. No disrespect, negativity nor indeed censure was intended by my creation of this thread, and nor should anyone take away with them the notion that I am trying to start trouble or that I am ‘trolling’. Now, if there are others who would like to address my original request, please feel free so to do. Thank you in advance.


Fair enough. Just wanted to get that out of the way because these threads can go downhill really fast. I could not tell one way or another whether this was a door to charismatic-bashing; it could have gone either way from your opening post.

So as I said:

It is not the way, it is a way.

The charismatic movement is attractive for some because it allows for exuberant praise, encourages a love of scripture, and a very open approach to the work of the Holy Spirit. For some it’s a stepping stone to a more quiet spirituality later in life (advancing through the mansions as it were). For others, it’s their life’s work.


I changed your title to clear up any confusion that porthos pointed out.

Also, @porthos11, I love your analogy of the many mansions and different modes of worship/contemplation.

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2


I have revised the thread title, in hopes of eliminating possible misunderstanding of my motives in opening this thread. Thank you.


Thank you. Looks like we both changed it to the same thing! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think we need to approach this from the viewpoint of the uniqueness of man. We are each so different and so unique and I believe God has given us each what we need to feel Him and to draw close to Him.

I am not Charismatic and thanks to my experiences in Protestant churches I am uncomfortable with what I’ve seen of them BUT my sister is Eastern Catholic and I am Latin Catholic. She greatly dislikes music in the Mass but for me music in the Mass is another way that I pray. I find the liturgical music especially edifying (the Holy Holy sends my heart soaring).

Does her dislike for the music make it wrong? No. Does my dislike of the silence make it wrong? No.

God has given us both options so that we each can worship Him in a way that works for us.

And this is kind of how I’ve been looking at the Charismatic movement. It’s just another way God and the Church are reaching out to people who need that kind of worship.


I saw that! Great minds. We must have been editing at the same time.

Sometimes just the title changes the tone of a thread.


@kill051 , I am surprised that you find charismatic Catholicism seems to be more and more prevalent as time goes on . It is not my experience which is quite the reverse .

If it’s not your cup of tea you do not have to participate in charismatic-style worship and prayer.

A Trappist monk could be part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal without participating in charismatic-style worship and prayer…

I became involved with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the 1970s .

There is now no what you call “charismatic worship” near me .

I adhere to the spirituality of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal .

Our Diocesan Almanac defines this spirituality well when it says “It is a movement of spiritual renewal which encourages Catholics to deepen their relationship with Christ and to live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit” .


I sure hope so. :pensive:


My home parish is a traditional Catholic parish, that I love, but it lacks fellowshipping and it feels like a revolving door sometimes. I also attend charismatic service and events which I love and enjoy fellowship. I like it because my prayer life has improved since associating with the Charismatic renewal. I am really into the praise and worship musical events. Most importantly I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit while they were praying over me. I also have a deeper appreciation for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But I enjoy the quiet nature of my home parish and it helps me to meditate. I like hanging with the Charismatics nonetheless and I am pleased with the fruit it has borne in my life.


Thank you so much for answering my request for why you are attracted to this sort of spirituality. It helps me to understand more the different approaches to spirituality of my fellow Catholics. I realise that, as others here have pointed out, I am not required to participate in charismatic worship, but that was not really the thrust of my original post. I am merely curious what attracts those who adhere to this type of worship. Thanks again for your response.


Charismatic prayer groups and my beginnings in the Third Order Lay Carmelites began at approximately the same time for me 43 years ago. For several years I took part in both of those spiritualities, but now my first love is the Lay Carmelites.

I go to charismatic prayer meetings now because I like to be with believers, and they can inspire me with their gifts and vice-versa.

So, if I needed to choose between the two it would be definitely the Lay Carmelites!
So, “kill051”, perhaps a Third Order would appeal to you? There are many…

Peace in your spiritual journey,



For the context of my comment, that’s actually from St. Theresa of Avila.


Thank you for your reply! I have a friend who is a Third Order Lay Carmelite and she is quite happy with it. Perhaps I will consider it.

And thank you so much for your insight into why charismatic prayer meetings are inspiring for you.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: im a convert too and I also like how they have bible studies.


It’s just one option. It’s not “prevalent” in any of the half dozen dioceses I tool around in, and in fact you kinda have to know where to look to find it. It’s not taking over, and in fact is around a lot less than I remember it being in the 70s.

To the extent I’ve participated in it, it has heightened my awareness of and devotion to the Holy Spirit. I am more aware of the Spirit at work in my life and more likely to call upon Him.

There are still plenty of wonderful quiet places to pray if you want that. I recommend a nice traditional church or a monastery chapel.


Ok, I’ll try one more time for ya. :wink::wink:


Thanks for your input. Awareness of and devotion to the Holy Spirit, to use your words, seems to be a common thread so far in people’s responses. Very interesting!

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