What do YOU find confusing about Catholicism?


I don’t know about that.

But protestant marriage isn’t sacramental, and in that sense, it is not profaning a sacrament when they do such.

Edit: this post is incorrect.


I thought two protestants getting married in a protestant church was?

So why do protestants get to do as they please in that sense and Catholics have to follow a strict rule?


Hmm…I do know they keep the Sacrament of marriage, but I do not think it is a valid sacrament.
Marriage in particular is confusing for me, and I may very well be wrong.

Edit: the above is wrong.

But they definitely cannot just do as they please.


The “free to know in the future” is different.
If God ETERNALLY knows, then it is not just that He knows after the fact, He eternally knows.
God’s timelessness adds a wrinkle that is difficult for us to contemplate, but it does not change the single state of truth associated with infallible eternal knowledge. One state of truth no possibility that what was done could be not done.
Charity, TOm


That would, to put it simply, mean that God is always above time and has always known what we’ve already chosen, etc.

There is the idea of the eternal now, for instance


Ok, I was wrong.
Protestant marriages provided both parties are validly baptized is valid and sacramental.

They cannot be dissolved.



My understanding is that a marriage between two Baptized Christians is Sacramental




Yes, that is right.

Look at my above post! Right before this one!


Missed it, OPPS, and THANKS


Should then Catholics tell divorced and remarried Protestants that they must go back to their first wife and abandon their present wife and family? There are many examples in the news of prominent Protestants who have raised families by a second or even third marriage.


…I don’t think Protestants care about what we Catholics say about their marriage(s).

Perhaps, if you know a protestant who has done this, you can inform him of what he is doing. Most protestants agree that marriage is a sacrament (along with baptism)


The Lutheran Church recognizes two sacraments the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrement of Holy Communion.

The following are rites of the Church.
Confirmation and First Communion (usually at the same time between 8-10th grade)
Anointing of the Sick


My terrible memory strikes once again!
At least most places still believe the Eucharist is a Sacrament.


Do you believe that Jesus walked on water, cured the sick, rose from the dead? If you believe all these miracles, why is it such a stretch to believe that Jesus responds to the prayers to the Holy Spirit? Making Himself present at the Consecration of the host in holy Mass seems like such a small miracle compared to all he performed in His earthly life. He did say " I will be with you, till the end of time." And He is.


BUT only Sacramental Baptism and Marriage are VALID and Licit

They absolutely do not and cannot make Jesus Really, Truly and Substantially Present; as does the RSS, because they do not have Direct Apostolic Succession.

Let us pray for unification.



Yes even the morman religion regularly distributed the sacrament. They have bread. And blessed water cups.


Yes direct apostolate belief does give the upper hand. So that catholics look down on other faith groups.


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