What do you guys think of Brian Mclaren's Theology?


Im a Catholic, so I don’t drift over to the evangelical scene that much. Brian Mclaren though seems to have a lot of people following his ideas and concepts. Through my conversations, an evangelical friend of mine explained that he is part of the “emerging church”, I don’t know if that is a denomination or not. Long story short I found this podcast where he talked about having a “generous orthodoxy” rather then just trying to convince people you’re right. My understanding of it is he’s not talking about relativism but rather a concept of being generous when discussing theology. Like how we as Catholics have a hermeneutic of generosity (interpret what someone has said in the best light possible). Anyways I think some of his ideas are interesting. He talks about conservative and liberal Catholics too, anyways, I thought it was interesting, listen to it and see what you think. I think there were some good ideas about how we could do apologetics for Catholicism.


Its the second episode, Living a Generous Orthodoxy with Brian Mclaren.


Hi, I ethis thread started a number oif years ago! Im an almost catholic, and I love Brian Mclaren, would love to discuss a "gnerous orthodoxy" with other fans...


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