What do you know about Busted Halo?

Does anyone know about this site. I found that they have a similar section of “Ask Father Joe”. Kinda like a smaller Catholic Answers, but the answer he gave for a question on homosexuality left me feeling concerned.


It seems like he is saying, “Don’t worry. The Catholic Church is changing its mind on that issue. Science is changing morality.”

It look like they have a radio show on Sirius too. Does anyone know if it is Orthodox? I hate to think that someone is spreading misinformation across the world by satellite and calling it Catholic.

How does Busted Halo measure up?

I’m skeptical of anything lacking the “imprimatur”. I’d take this website with a grain of salt.

I have Sirius and have attempted to listen to it a couple of times. It comes on The Catholic Channel and NOT the EWTN channel. Anyway, I found it to be lacking. I didn’t hear anything that actually went against Church teachings per se, but I found the hosts to be immature. Perhaps if I had tuned in more than twice I would have a better idea on their understanding of the Church, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to suffer through it. I find that The Catholic Channel in general is lacking and for the most part my Sirius radio stays on EWTN instead.

Ummm…does Catholic Answers have an imprimatur? Do you also take it with a grain of salt?

I took a look through Busted Halo and did not like a lot of the advice I found there. It’s confusing at best. If you go to catholicculture.org - a website that rates websites (funny, huh?) it gives it a red flag.

That’s a great site. Very helpful. I’m subscribing to their RSS right now.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who got the heebie jeebie’s from Busted Halo. I’m want to make sure I don’t get too scrupulous. I’ve got to watch myself. :rolleyes:

And I thought this was about the video game series Halo.

This thread fails

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haha, Love the “Fail” image.

I just wanted to point out that the last time I checked, CatholicCulture.org rated THIS site with a yellow (caution)…has that stopped anyone?

you mean Catholic Answers? I just checked it - it’s green. I’ve never seen it anything but green. Besides, I thought something amiss with Busted Halo first, then checked catholicculture.org and it verified my thoughts. I’m not just taking their word for it completely. I see they give catholic.org the red light, but I feel like there is good information on there and that I can wade through the problems (mostly advertising) so I would say that if someone asked me. It’s two different pieces of information, really.

I’ve listened to The Busted Halo Show on Sirius since they went on the air and have had no problems. Father Dave Dwyer gives excellent and correct answers. Guests have included Fr Mitch Pacwa and Fr Joseph Fessio.

One thing I especially enjoy about the show is that they have two Jewish workers…the Producer Robyn Gould and Technical Director Jonathan Allen. They both do a fabulous job. Robyn is especially good about asking good questions about Catholicism. She also books excellent Catholic guests, and treats Catholicism with respect.

One of the male workers, Brett Siddell, who is Catholic, returned to Confession after twelve years. They have many calls about returns to the Sacraments and vocation discernments.

I love this show and have come to consider these people as family. Believe me, if there was ever anything detrimental to Catholicism on The Catholic Channel, I’d let them know.

Sure, they’re only human on this channel, and the same goes for EWTN.

I appreciate your opinion and perhaps I simply listened in at the wrong time. However, when I tuned in Robyn Gould and I suppose the two males you mentioned were speaking about their experiences at midnight Mass (this last Christmas). For whatever reason, they strayed from the Mass altogether and the conversation centered about how to get a nice looking woman to sit next to you at Mass. One of the males even went so far as to complain that all he ever has sit next to him are unattractive women. Believe me, I’m far from being prudish, however, they stayed on this subject for a VERY long time and finally I had to simply give up and go back to the more traditional EWTN station. Even if this were merely in jest, I found it distasteful to be so enthralled by the women when one should be concentrating on the Mass. :frowning:

Tietgen, thanks, but that wouldn’t have been on Busted Halo, about nice looking women sitting near one at Midnight Mass. It was another show.

Hi ElaineMom,

I am pretty certain it was Busted Halo. It aired shortly after Christmas and I remember that the show that was on EWTN at the time was a repeat (Christmas Holidays - many on vacation). So, I tuned to the Catholic Channel and there was a woman (don’t remember her name but she was the producer) and 2 men (at least one of them was a host). There was no Priest on this particular episode.

I am not making this up. They were discussing the attractiveness of women at Mass in general and the midnight Mass in particular. The discussion was light-hearted and relaxed and there were several bouts of laughter. The two men also seemed to playfully enjoy picking on the female producer and accusing her of not listening to the past shows because she hadn’t remembered details concerning a specific episode which aired in the past.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be willing to beat a life on it; however, I am 99.9% certain the show was called Busted Halo and aired in the evening on a weekday (I don’t remember what day specifically nor the exact time). God bless.

From the feed back here it seems like the radio show isn’t that bad, which makes me feel a lot better. I hate the idea of a satellite show saying Catholics teach things that they don’t.

None the less, I think CatholicCulture is right in warning about the Busted Halo website. Much of what I found there does not reflect true Catholic teaching.

Personally I don’t listen to the Catholic Channel that much simply because they do kind of get off the subject a lot and they don’t have things like the rosary or daily Mass (at least that I’ve heard). That’s what I like about EWTN, plus they have CAL:D

The radio show you are talking about is not BustedHalo with Fr Dave Dwyer…it is Lino Ruilli who is The Catholic Guy.

BustedHalo also has a great podcast. They answer questions of faith every week–very orthodox. Fr Dave and Mike Hayes are great!

You have to remember BustedHalo.com is not for people who are “in the club” and they’ve been open about that. It’s for people who are spiritually seeking in their lives. If you hammer those folks over the head with doctrine they’ll run away screaming. They aren’t open to that conversation yet. So this is a more gentle pre-evangelization that evokes questions in people and hopes that it starts them on their way. It’s also a magazine–which is just supposed to do that. Rumor has it that they are working on a more catechetical section for release in 2009 and then an online information center and a retreat center.

I appreciate that Busted Halo is attempting to reach out to disenfranchised 20 somethings being a 20 something myself. Reciting Canon Law would not win souls.

But at the same time, I have a real serious problem if they water down church teaching so much that it stops being Catholic or worse it goes against the Truth of Christ.

I don’t know much about their radio program but what I have found on their website scares me.

Keep it simple by all means, but at least keep it right. The “Ask Fr. Joe” section works much like “Ask an Apologist”

When asked about homosexuality, Father Joe gives a good explaination of church teaching that he then undermines at the end of every paragraph.


I take my faith seriously, and still in my heart I believe that homosexual people are children of God, and that God would want them to express their love for each other in a committed monogamous relationship. Am I a bad Catholic because I feel compelled to follow my heart on this one?

Here are some highlights to the answer:

The Catholic church (in its official teaching) has a
problem with same-sex marriage for at least two reasons.First, the church has maintained an opposition to sexual relationships between people of the same sex dating back to the prohibitions found in some of the letters of St. Paul. Since marriage of its nature involves a sexual relationship, two persons of the same sex cannot enter into it. A longterm committed celibate friendship between persons of the same sex might be permissible in theory, although in reality few would find this an attractive option. Gay marriage also contradicts the Catholic understanding of marriage as a sacrament, which is that a man and a women enter into a covenant which promises both mutual love and an openness to children. Both these conditions are necessary for a sacramental marriage. Since a couple of the same sex are unable to conceive children,they cannot celebrate this sacrament.Opposition to gay marriage is not unique to the Catholic church: it is a belief that has been shared by other Christian denominations and in fact other religions, although some have begun a process of reconsidering the issue.

Not too bad. Decent start.

A teaching of the church that has been consistent for over 2,000 years needs to be taken seriously. However, even longterm teachings of the church have in fact evolved into something new: for example the church’s condemnation of taking interest on money loans, attitudes toward war and peace and teaching concerning the church’s relation to the Jewish people.Is there room for change with the church’s teaching about gay marriage?

Does this comparison hold water?

A second fact to consider is the way in which science is changing our understanding of sexual orientation…snip… Catholic teaching is already acknowledging this to some degree in its distinction between sexual activity and orientation. Sin involves a free choice of the will, so something predetermined cannot be sinful. However these scientific studies are still in process and much about the causes and factors involved in sexual orientation reminds unknown. If it is proven beyond doubt that sexual orientation is genetic in origin, in what sense could it be considered “unnatural?”

This is not good. Although the point that if one is born with a disorder it may significantly reduce their moral culpability, he leads the reader in the wrong direction. Genetic disorder + natural = good. Sure he doesn’t come right out and say good but the article sets things up so the reader is led to infer it. Does anyone else get that?


I used to LOVE The Catholic Channel…now, the only show I listen to is Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd. I love Gus Lloyd…I think he’s great. The rest of the shows don’t really do anything for me. EWTN’s programming has more “meat.” I get a lot out of listening to Catholic Answers (of course), Marcus Grodi, Al Kresta, and of course, the wonderful Mother Angelica. The Catholic Channel seems to try to appeal to the masses more by being hip and edgy. EWTN presents the faith as what it is - complex, beautiful, and worthy of serious discussion!

You might find it of interest to go hear what the Holy Father had to say about “The Catholic Channel” on Sirius… you can listen to the words here.


I listen to BOTH EWTN and TCC. Sometimes Catholics need a bit of entertainment - The Catholic Guy keeps me laughing after a hard day at work.

I’m not a Busted Halo fan, so, at 6 I switch over to Catholc Answers Live.

If you read Raymond Arroyo’s book about Mother Angelica you may remember that she had to fight the American bishops’ resistance when she was starting her orthodox Catholic EWTN radio station. If you haven’t read it, it is quite eye-opening to see how liberal the bishops of America were when they gave Mother Angelica such a hard time. Now, the bishops have their own radio station (The Catholic Channel) to compete with the only orthodox radio (EWTN). Since they were hosting the pope when he came to America they probably asked him to say the kind words about the Catholic Channel. My guess is that the pope did not realize he was saying the kind words about the liberal station. The bishops even recommended that Benedict give an award to Wolff Blitzer of the most anti-Catholic TV staion in America… CNN.

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