What do you like about being married?


I am not married and am just curious to see hear what people like about married life!



Okay, more specifically, just having a partner in life. Going to family gatherings, parties, the kids school events, walks in the park, I have my buddy with me. We take it all in together and read each other’s minds and then have the exact same things to say about it all later. He’s always such a good sounding board too (I hope I am too) and when the whole world seems against me, he never is.


wow…that sounds great!
i’m still totally single (never dated) so I’m curious about how the relationships work. Books aren’t a good substitute :rolleyes: I hope I find a husband who doesn’t mind my deafness :slight_smile:

That’s something to look forward to!


I love being with the love of my life everyday. I love knowing he’s there. I love eating with him, cleaning with him, crying with him, traveling with him, everything with him! He is so good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without him. :love:


What I like about being married…
Having someone to talk to…
having someone who listens to you and tells you you’re not crazy (OK, so it’s a stretch:D )
NOT having to be in the dating scene in this day and age.:eek:
I couldn’t imagine having to raise my kids without him:eek: :eek:






Having someone who loves me as much as i love them;
Having someone to share the ups and downs of life with;
Having someone who is your best friend, lover and spouse all in one;
Having someone to create a new life with;
Having someone to share the joys of parenthood with;
Having faith, contentment, and security in our relationship.

I am truly blessed with a wonderful marriage of 5 yrs & 7 months, a wonderful husband and an adorable and perfect 4 year old son.

Marriage is everything i had hoped and prayed it would be and more!


What could be better than living with your best friend? :slight_smile:


Any men out there with opinions they’d like to share? (Sorry, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is what from a nickname.)


Ditto on the EVERYTHING! :love:

I love sharing my life with my bestfriend. The one person who knows me better than anyone on this earth. Whose known me since I was 16. My first, last and only love.:heart:

We had some hard years which makes this time all the sweeter. I’ve known and loved this man more than half my life. We grew up together and God willing we’ll grow old together.

Being silly, having tickle fights, hip checking either other out in public. Doing mundane everyday things together. Reaching and feeling him beside me in the middle of the night.

Looking at our beautiful daughter that our love and God created together.

Just everything!:bounce:


To me, it’s standing shoulder to shoulder with someone with the goal of obtaining Heaven.

It’s the shared vision.


Being with my best friend every day.
Sharing joys and sorrows together.
Watching and enjoying our children’s growing up.
Being two halves of one whole.


I like that. My husband and I have always talked about how our mutual goal is to lead each other to heaven. He most certainly does this for me. He is a great example for me and my kids. Sure he does stuff to bug me and I KNOW that every now and again my sarcasm drives him batty but that’s life, we’re not going anywhere. We are each others cross and each others road to salvation! Part of God’s perfect plan! :slight_smile:


wow…I never realized how great being married is…:heaven:
I hope God decides that I can meet my future husband soon…


ok, heres a guys take…

shes the mom of my kid. she’s my best friend, i get to pal around with her 24/7/365. we share everything. i can tell if shes sad or has a problem within seconds of her telling me something. i know what she thinks just by the way she acts. she knows me like the back of her hand. If i’m on a business meeting i get all excited coming home and pick up some flowers and a coffee for her because i miss her. being married is like finding the other half of you. its really the best thing in the world. its being and having the “bestest” friend you can possible conceive of.

OF COURSE, then our daughter was born last december, and now the stakes were just raised 1,000,000,000 times. What do i like about being a dad… i cannot put it into words. as a painter, i think of picasso’s quote "some painters take the sun and make it into a blob of paint. and some can take a blob of paint and turn it into the sun."
if i try to verbalize what being a dad is… i’d take the sun and turn it into a blob of paint. so i won’t even attempt it. My wife asks me at least once a month “how come you don’t paint her” and i really, as an artist, can’t accept the task. i wouldn’t be able to even attempt to recreate a millionth of a percent of how beautiful my daughter is. so i will not put her on canvas, or draw her. God’s hand drew her with a beauty i could never recreate or even approach. so, out of respect, i don’t even attempt it.

marriage and kids is really a beautiful thing of God call you to it.

I didn’t even meet her until i was almost 30. so sometimes it is on Gods time. not ours.


Being married to the RIGHT person is great. So, choose slowly, carefully, and wisely.


the beauty of all these posts just makes me get teary eyes… i’ll not cry out loud coz I am not alone here… but gosh… I want so so much to have that which you have… I know it is a gift from God if it happens to me… but until then,… i cant help being a bit impatient and tell God: "Dad… Dad… you know that dads often arrange marriges around the world … I want you to arrange mine…PLEASE."
pray for us single women and men that we find true love.
God bless you all
I am 25… hope its not too late. I write some letters for my yet unknown husband hoping that God sees it also and thinks: “aww, I can’t dissapoint her” :slight_smile:


I don’t have to know how to work the DVR. :stuck_out_tongue:


knowing that my best friend is part of my daily life and is committed to being a part of it thru good times and bad times until death.

PS we met online–3000 miles apart and then I moved to his part of the world and after being friends for 6 months we married at ages 31 and 35. Married 10 years now. So don’t give up. And incidentally—it IS true what they say, I was NOT looking for him when he found me.

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