What Do You Like About President Trump?


As a non-American living under a very liberal government, I feel honoured that President Trump represents the United States so well. He may not be perfect, but I would vote for him any day.

What do you like the most about him? I will always admire his pro-life views and the way he has worked towards protecting the unborn.

God Bless President Trump!


I find his brutal honesty to be refreshing. I’d love to have him over at my place to watch a hockey game and eat some chicken wings. I don’t think he would ever do that, but I’d be honoured.


At the time of the election, the Democrat party was attacking First Amendment rights through the HHS Contraceptive Mandate.

So I voted for DJT


I am grateful he has tried to work to protect human life. I like how he seeks to be a team player and keeps trying to find the right team person. I really like his wife and how she responds to children. Also her courage to put up with the ugly media that seeks to ruin her reputation. She is very graceful and thank God she is feminine. I wasn’t going to vote for president Trump but changed my mind the day I went to vote. Would never have voted for Clinton just because she was a woman. A woman who promotes the death of babies has a heart of stone.


Well obviously his Pro Life stance.


Pro life
Great speaker at rallies, including his humor
A good father judging by the way his kids turned out
He connects with regular folks
He fights back against the unfair MSM
He’s sober and never drinks
He is patriotic and stands up for his country
He isn’t a power hungry career politician.
I like his wife.
He truly respects and stands up for the military and law enforcement.


Seriously? Please tell me that there was more to it than that.

Why would I ever vote for anyone, just because someone was a woman or happened not to be white. I look for character, morals and what they do for the dignity of humanity and especially the rights of the unborn. That comes first.


I don’t know. You said it. That’s why I asked.

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:smiley:. Most people are pretty decent writers on these forums. I get a D for grammar…Thanks for your clarity.


I will do my best to be honest without being snarky. I like his Supreme Court choices so far. That’s it. Nothing else.


Not sure that I can manage both…

Not a single thing that I can think of at the moment.


Well if you like your health care you can keep it or if you like your doctor you can keep it. And you will pay 2500 dollies less.
Oh wait a minute . that wasn’t trump.!! It was a Democrat.
Ok let’s have Medicare for all.
Are we happy now? How about Free college.
Free child care. Free free free

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His smile:

Beyond that, he served as an inspiration for one of the best South Park episodes ever.

  1. I like his Supreme Court choices.

  2. I like that he made an effort to be “the good son” in contrast to his brother who became an alcoholic and disappointed their father by all accounts. It’s hard for a rich young man, or even a rich old man, to be a teetotaller. He could have very easily just developed expensive habits and bounced in and out of rehab. It shows a certain strength of character that he didn’t.

  3. I like that he is so out-front and in-your-face, I feel like he couldn’t possibly keep a secret or cover anything up because he’d blurt it out. After suffering through the presidencies of Clinton and Nixon, I’d rather just have an in-your-face guy, the type who worked in construction in NYC, which is pretty much what Trump is.

  4. I suspect he does a lot of kind things behind the scenes that nobody ever hears about. I read a long time ago, told by a guy who personally knew it first hand. Trump’s elderly mom was mugged for her purse in Manhattan some years ago. A delivery driver saw this happen and chased after the mugger and got her purse back. Obviously he didn’t know she was Trump’s mom and Trump wasn’t the President or a candidate then. As a token of gratitude, Trump paid off the guy’s house mortgage. I suspect Trump has done other nice things but didn’t shine a spotlight on them any more than he did with this.


I have no idea how any of what you wrote is germane to what I said. I was speaking of what I liked about the person (you know, like the thread title…) not anything about policies or achievements or anything else. Don’t for one second think that you can somehow figure out my personal politics from a single line in a casual forum. And since this is a casual forum this is the last word I will write on this particular subject in this thread.

Definitely! :statue_of_liberty: :hamburger: :night_with_stars: :hushed: :smiley:

He loves the USA. He fights back. He keeps his promises. He was Bill The Cat in the Bloom County comic strip.


Although pro life is important. Ther is just a lot about Him that unsettles me. Although I will admit that I have not really done tons of research I feel like some decisions. Such as pulling out of the nuclear treaty with russia that has stood since the cold war could do more harm than good. I just dont know enough to speak about who he is as a person but I believe that he could do much better as a president.

God Bless you all. I think that Trump is in many ways flawed. I do not agree with his border wall or his previous support for abortion. But compared to my government, his is amazing. He has fought for the protection of religious freedom and faith. He has de funded the top abortion provider in the U.S., “Planned Parenthood”. He has done so much for pro-lifers as well.

I only wish my Prime Minister was as ready to stand up for our rights as he is!

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